Time Machine 1972 (Strange Days)

3-22-12          Time Machine 1972 (Strange Days)

Songwriter Andrew Lloyd Webber born 1948 – well, I did like “Jesus Christ Superstar”.

Another month of releases from Strange Days Magazine in Japan!  This is their choice for February, 1972.

Neil Young “Harvest (Reprise US LP MS 2030); The Allman Brothers Band “Eat A Peach” (Capricorn US 2LP CPN-2-0102); Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – self-titled (Philips UK LP 6360 086); Nick Drake “Pink Moon” (Island UK LP ILPS 9184); Strawbs “Grave New World” (A&M UK LP AMLH 68078); Todd Rundgren “Something / Anything” (Bearsville US 2LP 2BX 2066); Return To Forever – self-titled (ECM Germany LP ECM 1022); Scorpions “Lonesome Crow” (Brain Germany LP Brain 1001); Brinsley Schwarz “Silver Pistol” (United Artists US LP UAS 5566).

Today, I only have the Neil Young LP / CD, an SA-CD of The Allman Brothers title and a CD for the Nick Drake title.  I would love to find a UK LP for the Strawbs title!

I had really liked Neil Young’s previous album, “After The Goldrush” – but the “Heart of Gold” 45 was played to death locally, so this LP didn’t catch my eye or ear until decades later.  I had liked the two Allman Brothers albums on the Atco label, but the double LP for “Eat A Peach” didn’t quite make my radar.  In 2012, I have a multi-channel SA-CD of it!  When Manfred Mann Mk. II ended, I never made it to the jazz versions of his assorted bands; it’s interesting that this LP seems to have a Vertigo UK numbering, despite being on Philips UK!

I was an Island Records UK fan as a youngster, so Nick Drake was definitely on my radar; I think I had a US LP of it upon it’s initial release.  I wasn’t really heading in that direction, musically, so I got rid of it – and then Drake passed away and was forgotten for the better part of 30 years.

I was never much of a Todd Rundgren fan, so a double LP of his wouldn’t’ve interested me then or now.  I was not paying attention to much of anything on the German jazz label ECM Records.  I would not have known who Chick Corea was in 1972, either.

I doubt that I heard of Scorpions in 1972; likely that came after they signed to RCA Records.  But I definitely remember seeing this LP in “Import LP” bins, around town.  Same deal with Brinsley Schwarz; I remember seeing their albums, but I never heard them at that time.

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