“Abbey Road”

3-13-12          The Beatles – “Abbey Road”

Bluesman Lightnin’ Slim born 1913, jazzman Terence Blanchard born 1962; The Blues.

It’s a fact – “Abbey Road” by The Beatles was and is a popular album.  It’s not ‘the best’ Beatles’ album – by any means.  But it remains very popular.  Remember when I was writing about the book I found in the Japanese book store, about “Rock Album Top 100”?  “Abbey Road” ranked #1 in reader’s votes – over 13,000 people in Japan voted it “Top Rock Album”!

Ah, the most expensive single Beatles’ LP!  $6.98 list price in September, 1969 – more than twice what most rock LP’s sold for at that time (an average of $2.99).  I wonder if it was an expensive record in England?  In Japan, it would’ve cost whatever the “going rate” was in 1969 – I do not believe it was a more expensive LP, like in the US.  I figured out how to get the price down:  It would go on sale @ Wallach’s Music City for $4.98 ($2.0 off the list price) and I could trade in an old LP and get a $1.00 coupon – making it $3.98

Many years after my childhood memories of “Abbey Road”, I remember hearing some venom directed towards “Abbey Road” by a guy from “the south” – he just HATED it because the FM radio “down there” played the damned thing each and every Sunday – as though Sunday wasn’t Sunday without it.  Can “Abbey Road” be the most over-exposed Beatles’ album?  It’s likely…

In 2012, “Here Comes The Sun” still fares well, on the FM radio.  The various suites of songs on Side 2 were never conducive to radio play, but progressive FM formats always fell for it.  “Something” was the single at the time – but it seems to have fallen out of favor, over the last few years.

No Mono Version!  I got the re-mastered Beatles’ albums on CD – and they did a glorious job on the CD boxed set – yet it does NOT contain “Abbey Road”, as there was no Mono version of it.

It’s not the Beatles album that I go to, if I am after a Beatles track to use in a “Mix” – that would be either “Savoy Truffle” from the double white album or maybe “Flying” from “Magical Mystery Tour”.

But I remain a Beatles fan, mightily amused by original British LP’s that I have managed to hang on to for these many years.  They’re seriously beautiful records – those originals.  None of the US LP’s or any CD issues do them justice.  Wonderful stuff.

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