Hal Kemp, Skitch Henderson EP’s

2-22-12          Hal Kemp, Skitch Henderson EP’s

Throbbing Gristle guy Genesis P-Orridge born 1950, “Mother-In-Law” singer Ernie K-Doe born 1936; “Mother-In-Law”.  Two hyphenated names!

At the Claremont swap meet earlier this month, I found some wonderful 1950’s EP’s with picture covers for 50 cents each!  Behold Hal Kemp and Skitch Henderson!

I love hard-sleeved US 50’s EP’s!  As a youngster, believe it or not, it was still possible for me to go to Wallach’s Music City and special order hard-sleeved Elvis Presley EP’s!  Had to have the “Shake Rattle & Roll” EP!  (Yes, I still have it!)  However, by that time – it had a yellow RCA label, not the black label with Nipper.

But I have a special soft spot for RCA EP’s.  Spike Jones!  Perez Prado!  Jim Reeves!

EP’s seemed like a natural part of growing up, for a nascent record collector.  By the time I was in record stores, 10” LP’s were all but gone – but 7” EP’s could still be had!  My initial Extended Play desires were by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.  I spent a lot of money to get a real copy of the only UK EP by The Who (worth it, worth every penny!)  Manfred Mann EP’s!

I confess to having sold some of my British 60’s EP’s – rest assured I got pretty good money for ‘em.  My nasty secret:  I could find them easily in New Zealand, and they weren’t expensive.  But when it was time to sell one’s Yardbirds EP’s – I could get pretty much whatever I wanted for ‘em.  Donovan, The Kinks!  The Searchers!  I loved my British 7” 45rpm EP’s!

Record collecting ebbs and flows – I’ll now go years without seeing any EP’s at all.  I bought the Hal Kemp and Skitch Henderson EP’s from a guy at the Claremont swap meet  who was one of those “friends of the library” types.  I am pleased my purchase from him can assist a suburban library in any way.  He also had some groovy LP’s, too.

I never know what I’m going to find at the swap meet.  Marvin says he’s going to bring some Barry Humphries LP’s to either the next PCC or Buena park swap meet.  Alas, I  probably already have ‘em all.  I still remember vividly the day at the Claremont swap meet where some guy brought the motherlode of UK 70’s British glam rock LP’s – and he only wanted approx. $7 ea for ‘em!

There are times when my record collecting hobby seems dead; when there’s nothing going on with it.  Then I’ll go to a swap meet and some guy is selling off his friend’s Spike Jones collection!!!  Gotta keep going to the swap meets.  Are the swap meets any good where you are?  What was the last thing you found at a swap meet that you were absolutely delighted with?  (It doesn’t have to be a phonograph record,,,)

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