Feminine Charm

2-21-12          Feminine Charm

Singer / Songwriter Nina Simone born 1933, Singer / Songwriter Mary Chapin Carpenter born 1958; I own records by neither, but R&B wins.

A good friend of mine collects records by girls / women; he’s not picky – it it’s female, he wants it.

I’ve always tried to be a little bit pickier than that!  Immediately, the female artists that I advocate are people like Annette Peacock, Urszula Dudziak, Fay Losvky, Sonja (from Curved Air), Miharu Koshi etc.

But – being who I am – and with my particular orientation – I have sometimes parenthetically fallen in love with women in realms outside of the music world.

As a young man, I tried to see each and every movie with Laura Antonelli in it.  Within the last decade, I fell for Thora Birch in “Ghost World” – I mean, they dressed her up in all those super-cute outfits in that movie!  How could I not notice her?

But I saw something recently that really shed a whole new light on my interest in feminine charm.  It’s a 1993 TV show called “Life & Times” (on PBS – KCET Ch. 28) hosted by Patt Morrison – who is interviewing Leonard Cohen.  It is obvious that she is a ‘professional’ interviewer / broadcast journalist.  I think she surprised even Cohen with some of the research presented!  But…Leonard is Leonard – I think he “liked” her, and very nearly made an on-camera ‘proposal’ to Ms. Morrison!

At the time of this interview, Morrison is about 40 and Cohen is in his late 50’s.  To LC, she was a youngster!  The camera didn’t show us, but when he started reading a poem about “Her heavenly breast” etc. – I bet Ms. Morrison was blushing!  ‘Cause what he was reading seemed like it could’ve applied to her!

Part of Cohen’s charm is that he kindly backs out of any possible misunderstandings – he and Morrison eventually discuss “Loving without touching”; Cohen advocates it!  But she also seemed to be trying to figure out if…this gorgeous man was “available” – and yet, she does mention her husband!

So was Patt Morrison flustered by the serenity of Cohen’s advance?  Or was she flustered at all?  This woman is an award-winning professional broadcaster; yes, she always wears matching funny hats.  But I think all Cohen saw that day was a lovely 40 year old woman who needed some LC loving.  I had no idea she hosted that show for 16 years – her interview with Cohen must’ve been in her first year of hosting the show!

Patt Morrison is still going strong – with a daily radio show on KPPC-FM in Los Angeles – Pasadena, more exactly.  I do not intend to stalk her, but it would be amusing to try to meet her, and mention the interview with Leonard Cohen.  How she reacts to the very mention of it might indicate what really went on that day.  But I do like her!

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