Crosby Stills & Nash #2

2-16-12          Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young etc. #2

Duran Duran’s Andy Taylor born 1961, rapper and Law & Order star Ice-T born 1958; I own records by both.

Guess either the egos or lawyers had their way and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young had to split up.  Too much talent for a single group?  Artistic digression about what way to go, ma-a-a-n?

Don’t remember who was first out of the gate with the solo albums (Neil Young actually, but…we’re talking-post-CSNY) – Steve Stills got a hit single with “Love The One You’re With” from his debut solo album.  I never heard his 2nd solo album (though I do own it), and I didn’t make it to Manassas, his post-CSNY band.  Or his later solo works.

I remember really liking the single “Chicago” by Graham Nash, despite it’s “message” – glorious!  In 2012, I can listen to it in 5.1, if so desired – by the deluxe version of his debut solo album “Songs For Beginners”.  Also really liked “Immigration Man”, one of the singles from the debut Crosby & Nash LP – despite it’s ‘content’.  No interest – then or now – in David Crosby’s solo album career (unless it comes out in 5.1) – I remember being virulently interested in German music in the early 70’s, so a solo LP from an ex-Byrd was not at the top of the list for my young ears.

Neil Young fared very well for me.  Outside of the context of CSNY, his solo albums had been pretty good – “Neil Young” (His ’68 debut), “Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere” (1969) and “After The Goldrush” (1970, with it’s giant lyrics sheet / poster).  Once he got mainstream acceptance with “Heart of Gold”, I sort of lost interest in his solo career.  Yep, I own all of the first 4 LP’s and CD’s, and Volume 1 of his giant CD boxed set – illumination upon those records and Buffalo Springfield!  (And pre-Buffalo Springfield!!).

But really – why even pay attention to music of this nature if you can listen to albums by Faust, Amon Duul II, Can, Supersister, Magma etc.

As a middle-aged listener, it’s easy to understand the popularity of the music of these guys.  Lots of us heard it when we were kids – certainly younger than the musicians of this nature!  If we shuffle “Déjà vu” with “After The Goldrush” with a few stray tracks from Graham Nash and Steve Stills thrown in – I bet I could make up an entire listenable 80 minute CD-R of decent songs – and not even include any Buffalo Springfield!

So, if ‘this music’ wasn’t the pinnacle of what was possible within the confines of “Rock Music” in 1970 – was anything even more qualified for the title of “Pinnacle”?  We were young, not paying attention to the business aspect of the music industry.  I bet it’s all not a pretty story.  Must be tons of managers and lawyers around this crowd.

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6 Responses to Crosby Stills & Nash #2

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    I can listen to Neil Young but that’s about it for me. He’s so weird he can sometimes catch my ear. Otherwise, I hear you. With the likes of Japan, John Foxx and even The Boomtown Rats out there, this lot seems very milquetoast. Truthfully, I found this music boring as a child. Steppenwolf trumped it easily! And my mind reels at the moneymen that surround these four like a vicious pack of attack dogs! It’s a wonder they can even speak to each other post-1972!

  2. Brian Ware says:

    I was all over CSN&Y and Neil Young from 70-72. I was still entranced with all things Beatles and just starting to flirt with progressive rock having read about it in Circus magazine. Within my limited worldview, I probably felt they were among the pinnacle of American rock music. Always preferred Neil Young as a solo artist, and really enjoyed the first four LPs up through “Harvest”. Really put off by the thrash-fest that was “Time Fades Away” and pretty much dropped him cold from that point on. By the mid-70s there were plenty of other musical fish to fry.

  3. postpunkmonk says:

    Oh, Mr. Ware. You missed the wondrous Geffen years! I treasure that “Live Trans” laserdisc you sold me, Ron!

  4. ronkanefiles says:

    I don’t remember that transaction, Jim-san. Guess I was thinking of you and a possible Devo connection. I never did Neil Young after “After The Goldrush”, actually.

  5. Brian Ware says:

    Well, I didn’t totally miss it Jim. I stood on the sidelines and was a “casual observer”. Never jumped on the bandwagon.

  6. postpunkmonk says:

    WHen discussing these musicians, let’s not forget the ultimate super group: Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young, Gifted, & Black!

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