Buffalo Springfield

2-14-12          Buffalo Springfield

Singer / Songwriter Tim Buckley born 1947, James Brown sideman Maceo Parker born 1943; Maceo!

I believe my older sisters had Buffalo Springfield “Again” as a mono LP – this is how I first heard them.  It was before I was reading the “rock press”, maybe 1968?  I always did like them, their combination of writers / players etc.

In 2012, I have been trying to get their original 45’s; as perhaps some of them differ from the LP versions?  I do not believe they have any non-LP B-sides, actually.

LP                AGAIN                                                                                           ATLANTIC JPN  P-8054A

1968 10 TRKS (’71 issue) insert

LP                AGAIN                                                                                           ATLANTIC UK    K 40014

1968 10 TRKS U.K. copy

CD                AGAIN re                                                                                      ATCO US            33-226.2

1967 10 TRKS re-mastered HDCD

7″                 BLUEBIRD / MR. SOUL                                                            ATCO US            45-6499

1968 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

LP                BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD (1966) (1st)                                  ATCO US            SD 33-200-A

1966 12 TRKS stereo, 2nd version, re-issue

LP                BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD (1966) (1st) mono                       ATCO US            33-200

1966 12 TRKS mono, 1st version

CD                BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD (1966) (1st) re                              ELEKTRA US     62080.2

1966 24 TRKS (’97 issue) mono / stereo

LPx2            BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD (2LP Collection)                          ATLANTIC JPN  P-5124/5A

1973 23 TRK Collection, insert

7″                 FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH / DO I HAVE TO…                         ATCO US            45-6459

1966? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

CD                LAST TIME AROUND                                                                ATCO US            90393.2

1968 12 TRKS

LP                LAST TIME AROUND                                                                ATCO UK            228 024

1969 12 TRKS U.K. copy

7″                 ON THE WAY HOME / FOUR DAYS GONE                           ATCO US            45-6615

1968 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

7″                 ROCK ‘N’ ROLL WOMAN / A CHILD’S CLAIM TO FAME     ATCO US            45-6619

1968 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

Still gotta have the 2LP “Collection” to get the 9+ minute “Bluebird”; it’s not even in their CD boxed set (which I do not own).  I used to hear that being played on the FM radio, at the beginning of the 70’s.  Who’s stopping it from being re-issued?  Neil YoungSteve Stills?  How did the guys on the FM radio get it to play, before that 2LP set came out?  Was it on an Atco promo LP?  (I know they exist, Atco promo LP’s).

“On The Way Home” is one of my all-time favorite 45’s; it has been known to make me cry.  Why?  Probably misplaced nostalgia for my 10-year-old ‘innocent’ self?

So, there isn’t much material to digest / understand about Buffalo Springfield.  Three albums, all on CD, all readily available – even in 2012.  Listen and believe.  These guys would eventually change the world of music, but…not as the Buffalo Springfield.  No, I didn’t go to their re-union concert.  But I do know people who did!

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5 Responses to Buffalo Springfield

  1. Misterbee says:

    I went to the reunion concert. And wiith more than a little trepidation, as we all know how “county fair” these kind of things can be. But I had spent the last 40 years believing that I would never see this band perform, so when the shows were announced, I *had* to take the chance and go. And i am glad I did. Neil Young was the congenial music director, Stephen Stills looked like he had lost 10 years, and Richie Furay was happier than a kid in a candy store. Perhaps more importantly, they absolutely rocked the house. It sounded like they had been waiting 40 years to play this show, and they weren’t going to waste it. Perhaps most memorable for me was a very hot and heavy version of “Mr. Soul”, with a lot more stomp to the beat, while preserving the clean guitar breaks. Overall, that night was definitely lightning in bottle. BTW, It was at the Santa Barbara Bowl. I drove up on a VW camper, and after the show I camped out at he beach. So the overall gestalt was complete.

    I hear they are talking about doing more shows this year. Who knows, maybe lightning. will strike twice.

  2. Misterbee says:

    also, the story I was told about that nine minute version (which I love) was that it was spliced together from many different parts by persons unknown, long after the band had ceased to exist. Neil in particular was said to be incensed by it’s release, and it will prolly not ever see the light of day in any digital form.

  3. ronkanefiles says:

    I first started hearing the 9 minute “Bluebird” on the FM radio here in LA about 1970 or so. How was it circulated to radio? On an Atco promo LP? It certainly wasn’t a 45! And if it’s a cobbled together monstrosity, why was it included on the 2LP Atco Buffalo Springfield set that was released?

  4. Warren says:

    I read somewhere that it was cobbled together for that 2 lp set. But who knows?

  5. Warren says:

    So apparently the 9 minute Bluebird is quite the rabbit hole. It was also on a Warner Special Products release called Superstars of the 70’s. Which I had completely forgotten about, until I read these threads :

    Maybe that’s how it got onto radio, or maybe it was a bootleg, or, or, or…

    At any rate, the band hated it, and since Neil calls the shots these days in all things BF, it will prolly never see an official release.

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