Cat Stevens

2-8-12             Cat Stevens

Folksinger Tom Rush born 1941, HM vocalist Vince Neil born 1961; Rush over Neil (except in Canada).  That’s a joke, son.

CD                MONA BONE JAKON re                                                          ISLAND UK   546883.2

1970 11 TRKS (’00 issue)

LP                MONA BONE JAKON                                                              ISLAND UK   ILPS 9118

1970 11 TRKS UK original issue

CD                TEA FOR THE TILLERMAN                                                   A&M US         546884.2

1970 11 TRKS (’00 issue)

LP                TEA FOR THE TILLERMAN                                                   ISLAND UK   ILPS 9135

1970 11 TRKS UK original issue

LP                TEASER AND THE FIRECAT                                                ISLAND DE   85389 IT

1971 10 TRKS

CD                TEASER AND THE FIRECAT                                                A&M US         546885.2

1971 10 TRKS (’00 issue)

LP                CATCH BULL AT FOUR                                                         ISLAND DE   86372 IT

1972 10 TRKS

CD                CATCH BULL AT FOUR                                                         A&M US         546886.2

1972 10 TRKS (’00 issue)

CD                FOREIGNER                                                                            A&M US         546887.2

1973 5 TRKS (’00 issue)

LP                FOREIGNER                                                                            A&M US         SP-4391

1973 5 TRKS thick insert

LP                BUDDHA AND THE CHOCOLATE BOX                              A&M US         SP-3623

1974 9 TRKS

CD                BUDDHA AND THE CHOCOLATE BOX                              A&M US         546888.2

1974 9 TRKS (’00 issue)

CD                GREATEST HITS                                                                     A&M US         546889.2

1975 12 TRK Collection (’00 issue)

LP                GREATEST HITS                                                                     A&M US         SP-4519

1975 12 TRK Collection, poster (calendar)

CD                NUMBERS                                                                                A&M US         540890.2

1975 9 TRKS (’01 issue)

LP                IZITSO                                                                                        A&M US         SP-4702

1977 10 TRKS

CD                IZITSO                                                                                        A&M US         546891.2

1977 10 TRKS (’01 re-master)

LP                BACK TO EARTH                                                                     A&M US         SP-4735

1978 10 TRKS embossed cover; last album as Cat Stevens

LP                FOOTSTEPS IN THE DARK – GREATEST HITS Vol. 2    ISLAND DE   206.743

1984 14 TRK Collection

CD                FOOTSTEPS IN THE DARK – GREATEST HITS Vol. 2    A&M US         B0000269.2

1984 14 TRK Collection (’03 issue)

The arc of work I am recommending today is from roughly 1970 to 1978, for Mr. Cat Stevens.  You shouldn’t have any trouble finding any of these albums – though non-US pressings may be hard to find anymore.  From the above list of titles, you should be able to assemble your own “best of” that would set easily with any other singer / songwriter works of the 1970’s.  The only one I don’t have as a CD is his final album as “Cat Stevens” – “Back To Earth” – fact is, I can’t name a single song on it!  I have included both volumes of “Greatest Hits” as each volume has unique material.

Mobile Fidelity is presently releasing stereo SA-CD’s of his most well-known titles; I’d go for ‘em, if I found ‘em inexpensively – or if any were multi-channel releases…

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