John Cale

2-1-12             John Cale

Singer Exene Cervenka born 1956, funkmeister Rick James born 1948; Superfreak!

I last wrote about John Cale in 2009.  I’ve been listening to John Cale with regularity ever since “Paris 1919” first walked down the pike.  I don’t remember why I decided to give it a try – had I heard it on the FM radio?  Even as a teenager, I was not a Velvet Underground fan.  There are more John Cale albums, 45’s, 12” singles, DVD’s…but start with these!

LP                VINTAGE VIOLENCE                                           COLUMBIA US       CS 1037

1970 11 TRKS 1st

CD                VINTAGE VIOLENCE re                                       COLUMBIA US       CK 65935

1970 13 TRKS (’01 issue) (2 x bonus tracks)

CD                ACADEMY IN PERIL, THE                                   REPRISE US          2079.2

1972 8 TRKS

LP                ACADEMY IN PERIL, THE                                   REPRISE US          MS 2079

1972 9 TRKS autographed, die-cut cover

CD                PARIS 1919 re                                                      RHINO UK               74060.2

1973 20 TRKS (’06 issue) (11 x bonus tracks)

LP                PARIS 1919                                                           REPRISE US          MS 2131

1973 9 TRKS promo, insert

LP                FEAR                                                                       ISLAND US             ILPS 9301

1974 9 TRKS autographed

LP                SLOW DAZZLE                                                     ISLAND UK             ILPS 9317

1975 10 TRKS

LP                HELEN OF TROY                                                 ISLAND NL              89690 XOT

1975 11 TRKS with “Coral Moon”


1976 11 TRK Live, with Chris Spedding ’91 pirate

12″               ANIMAL JUSTICE                                                 ILLEGAL UK            IL 003

1977 3 TRKS with pic sleeve

LP                GUTS (Collection)                                                ISLAND UK             ILPS 9459

1977 9 TRK Collection

CD                EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES               DANCETERIA FR   DANCD 113

1978/9 8 TRKS Live CD-only release?

CD                SABOTAGE                                                            A&M/SPY CAN        CD 004

1979 9 TRKS LIVE, June ’79

LP                SABOTAGE                                                            SPY USA                  SP 004

1979 9 TRKS LIVE, June ’79

LP                VERY DEAD CHICKEN                                       PIRATE EU              763215

1979? 11 TRKS Live

LP                HONI SOIT                                                             A&M US                    SP-4849

1981 9 TRKS

CD                HONI SOIT                                                             A&M UK                    394849.2

1981 9 TRKS (’91 issue)

LP                MUSIC FOR A NEW SOCIETY                           ISLAND/ZE DE       204.951

1982 11 TRKS

CD                MUSIC FOR A NEW SOCIETY                           RHINO US               R2 71743

1982 11 TRKS (’93 issue)

CD                SOLO PERFORMANCE, BELGIUM ’83            FIRE POWER         FP-036

1983 15 TRKS Live – pirate

CD                CALE STREET                                                      GREAT DANE         GDRCD 9217

1983 21 TRKS Live, pirate

LP                JOHN CALE COMES ALIVE                                ISLAND/ZE UK       ILPS 7026

1984 10 TRKS Live, February ’84 – still not on CD!

CDx2           ST. VALENTINE’S NIGHT                                    FIRE POWER         FP-035

1984 19 TRKS Live – pirate

LP                CARIBBEAN SUNSET                                         ISLAND/ZE UK       ILPS 7024

1984 9 TRKS still not on CD!

CD                ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE                              BEGGARS B UK     BBL 68CD

1985 9 TRKS

LP                ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE                              BEGGARS B UK     BEGA 68

1985 9 TRKS

LP                DRIFT STUDY                                                       PIRATE                    13485

1986 12 TRKS LIVE etc. – pirate, older material

CDx2           ISLAND YEARS, THE (Collection)                     ISLAND UK             524235.2

1996 36 TRK Collection, ’74-’77 Island material, incl. previously unreleased material

No discussion of John Cale can be had without discussing the live aspect.  Simply put, he was one of the loudest acts I ever witnessed.  He might’ve been medicated, but he always put on a decent show (hence my buying bootlegs of him!).  After he left Island Records, he really seemed to rip through a few years of material in a hurry – leaving some songs in the dust, to be compiled by fans with cassette recorders.  Casey At The Bat!

I, at least partially, blame my partial hearing loss on John Cale concerts!

His 90’s records are all pretty listenable, too.  And I have liked his more recent new material for EMI UK.  I have bought several books about John Cale, as well.  An interesting story.

So, I am recommending roughly a 15 year arc for an ‘introduction’ to his music – 1970 – 1985.  The trilogy of Island label albums is hard to beat.  But don’t miss “Sabotage”!

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1 Response to John Cale

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    I have 13 Cale albums. All of them great. Some are incredible. Particularly the Island trilogy. But his new stuff for EMI is also highly compelling. I credit my wife with pushing the Cale envelope. She liked the Cale albums I had and was curious to hear more. She brought home “Fear” and the rest is history! I can’t believe I saw Cale twice. ’85 was a fascinating trainwreck. ’04 was one of the best concert’s I ever saw. Neither of them troubled my eardrums. I’d love to see him again but he’ll never play in my hometown again as we were 2/about 50 people in the 1000 capacity club to see him. It was still an incredible concert. Cale was too much of a purist to be petty, unlike Gary Numan – who seethed when the promoter stuck him in a 200 capacity club at the last minute. Hey Gary – at least you had a full house!

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