An Album A Day…

1-31-12          An Album A Day…

Singer John Lydon (Johnny Rotten) born 1956, composer Philip Glass born 1937; first encountered Mr. Glass’ “North Star” and quickly mail-ordered his Chatham Square LP’s.

An idea I’ve toy’d with for several years is: “Can I play one entire album a day, for the entire year?”  It’s not as easy to do as you would think!  Well, guess what?  I’ve managed to do it for the entire month of January, 2012.

1-Jan        Electric Light Orchestra – s/t debut (aka “No Answer”)

2-Jan        Lovsky, Fay – Confetti

3-Jan        Lovsky, Fay – Origami

4-Jan        Transister – Zig-Zag

5-Jan        Heckstall-Smith, Dick – A Story Ended

6-Jan        Jethro Tull – Aqualung (DVD-A) (Just got a new 5.1 issue of this title!)

7-Jan        Rolling Stones – Sticky Fingers

8-Jan        Wonder Stuff – If The Beatles Had Read Hunter – The Singles

9-Jan        Pink Floyd – Obscured By Clouds (Just got a new re-master of this title)

10-Jan       Flash And The Pan – Burning Up The Night

11-Jan       Sly & The Family Stone – Dance To The Music

12-Jan       Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Trilogy

13-Jan       Planet Gong – Live Floating Anarchy 1977

14-Jan       Hillage, Steve – Fish Rising

15-Jan       Morgan, Lee – Lee Way (SA-CD)

16-Jan       Donaldson, Lou – Blues Walk (SA-CD)

17-Jan       Ragnarok – Fjarilar I Magen (Just got a new SHM-CD of this title)

18-Jan       CosViva Boma

19-Jan       Hansson, Bo – Mellanvasen (aka “Attic Thoughts”)

20-Jan       Devo – Devo 2.0

21-Jan       Godliness and Cleanliness Band, The – Greatest Hits Vol. 1

22-Jan       Masked Marauders – s/t

23-Jan       Jethro Tull – Benefit

24-Jan       Cos – Babel

25-Jan       Silver, Horace – In Pursuit of the 27th Man (Just got a recent re-master of this title)

26-Jan       McCann, Les / Eddie Harris – Swiss Movement (Just got a recent re-master of this title)

27-Jan       Staff Benda Bilili – Tres Tres Fort

28-Jan       McCartney, Paul – McCartney II (Just got a new 2CD issue of this title)

29-Jan       McCartney, Paul – McCartney (2011 re-mastered 2CD version)

30-Jan       O.S.T. – O Lucky Man (music by Alan Price)

31-Jan       Dibango, Manu – Mboa’ Su (Kamer Feelin’)

The E.L.O. album sounded like it came from Mars – a rock band with a ‘cello?.  I’d been meaning to play some Dutch pop muziek, and Fay L. and Transister did the trick.  I’ve loved the Dick Heckstall-Smith LP ever since it’s 1972 release.  Very amused with the 5.1 Jethro Tull set – nicely done!  I played “Sticky Fingers” to my GF (who recognized most of the songs).  Played The Wonder Stuff in the car.  Got the Pink Floyd boxed set, and headed to my favorite disc in it.  Vanda & Young (Flash & The Pan) are always “of interest”.  Got a Sly Stone book in San Francisco, so required Sly listening.  Not my favorite EL&P album, so I thought I’d listen again.  Gong album that I had somewhat underestimated.  A very good Steve Hillage album!  Some classic jazz on SA-CD with Morgan and Donaldson.  I waited for more than 30 years for “Fjarilar I Magen:” to come out on CD – it’s as good as I remember!  I got 3 x Cos albums as SHM-CD’s last year, and I am still working on them (listened to 2 this month!).  Bo Hansson’s 3rd solo album still amazes.  Curiosity got the better of me with the Devo 2.0 CD + DVD set (I didn’t watch the DVD yet).  The Godliness / Cleanliness folks and the Masked Marauders are, apparently, the same band!  “Benefit” is my favorite J. Tull album.  Classic 70’s jazz from Horace Silver, easily my favorite 70’s album of his.  Les McCann & Eddie Harris is another truly good jazz album, recorded in 1969, released in 1970.  We saw Staff Benda Bilili on the Later with Jools Holland show, and looked for this album for a while – I was surprised it was on Crammed (and produced by Vincent Kenis!).  I think this was the first time I heard “McCartney II” all the way through in one sitting.  McCartney’s debut solo was always sort of interesting.  Always did like Alan Price’ soundtrack for “O Lucky Man” – must watch the DVD of it one day soon.  There are at least 2 albums called “Kamer Feeling” by Manu Dibango – this is the one with “Mboa’ Su” on the cover – from 2000.  I’ve liked a lot of his stuff over the years.

I listened to a lot of other music in January – played with several new stacks of 45’s.  I also originated a new volume of Music Video (MV-44).  But the above list is entire albums that I played and listened to, January 2012.  It wasn’t easy to find the time, either!

Can I do it again next month?  And for the rest of 2012?

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3 Responses to An Album A Day…

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    An album a day? Sacre bleu! That’s a real feat! I get 35 minutes each way for my commute, so short albums are playable en route. But there are not so many albums that mercifully brief. Usually I listen to 75% of an album, one way, then finish on the return trip and begin another, so that my week of work commutes rarely includes an album played all the way through in one go.

    Playing vinyl is a rare event! I’m so busy that I can’t take the time to clean and carefully play a record! I made .the time to listen to a 12″ A-side this morning. It arrived in the mail yesterday and it was a replacement for a super rare record that I recently acquired that sounds like garbage. Unfortunately, it was a German copy, not the French copy I thought I was ordering. The mix it contains is the same as my mint UK vinyl acquired new back in the day. Sigh.

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    What was the record you mention, Jim-san?

    • postpunkmonk says:

      Stephen Duffy – Icing On The Cake [remix]. The UK TIN 3-13 is really hard to get. I finally got one, but it’s really @$%-ed up. Ultra crackle. The French has the same timing as the UK remix [7:05 vs. 7:40 for the much more common UK 12″] according to but the guy who sold me a “French” copy sent me German. From Austria. Grr. At least I am only out $11 with shipping. Slight sleeve variation so the collector in me has something to grasp on with this transaction.

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