Anniversary / Re-Master Mania!

1-26-12          Anniversary / Re-Master Mania!

Singer Lucinda Williams born 1953, conductor Gustav Dudamel born 1981; Dudamel conducts in Los Angeles, outrageously.

Seems like a lot of “Anniversary” editions, re-masters – “Deluxe Edition” titles walking down the pike these days.  Lots of the titles from my youth have been given the re-master treatment – bonus tracks, finally a decent mastering etc. – but not quite everything!  The titles below (from my youth) are relegated to “normal issue” CD’s and original LP’s, as far as I know.  Why aren’t there “Deluxe Edition” / SA-CD / Anniversary Editions / DVD-A 5.1 discs of these titles from my youth?  I would buy re-masters / Deluxe editions / audiophile versions of any of the following:

Audience – House On The Hill / Lunch (Charisma UK / Elektra US)

Peter Banks – The Two Sides of Peter Banks (Sovereign UK / Capitol US)

Lucio Battisti – Il Nostro Caro Angelo (Numero Uno IT)

Beggar’s Opera – Waters of Change (Vertigo UK)

John Cale – Fear / Slow Dazzle / Helen of Troy (Island UK / US)

Captain Beyond – s/t (Capricorn US)

Alice Cooper – Love It To Death (Warner / Straight US)

Curved Air – Phantasmagoria (Warner UK / US)

Ivor Cutler – Dandruff / Velvet Donkey (Virgin UK)

Donovan – Cosmic Wheels (Epic UK / US)

Urszula Dudziak – Urszula (Arista US) not even on CD yet!

Egg – The Civil Surface (Caroline UK)

Esperanto – Danse Macabre (A&M UK / US)

Flash – s/t (Sovereign UK / Capitol US)

Gracious! – s/t (Vertigo UK / Capitol US)

The Groundhogs – Solid (WWA UK)

Gryphon – Midnight Mushrumps / Red Queen To Gryphon Three (Transatlantic UK)

Hawkwind – Warrior On The Edge Of Time (U.A. UK / Atco US)

Indian Summer – s/t (Neon UK / US)

Kayak – Royal Bed Bouncer (EMI or Vertigo NL / Janus US)

Basil Kirchin – Worlds Within Worlds Parts 3 + 4 (island UK) not even on CD yet!

Kraftwerk – Ralf & Florian (Philips DE / Vertgo US – UK) not even on CD yet!

Lothar Meid – Mensch, Dieser Klaus! (Philips DE) not even on CD yet!

O.S.T. – The Andromeda Strain (Kapp US) not even on CD yet!

Jim Pembroke – Corporal Cauliflower’s Mental Function (Love Finland)

Popol Vuh – Affenstunde (Liberty DE)

Portsmouth Sinfonia – Plays The Popular Classics (Transatlantic UK) not even on CD yet!

Alan Price – O! Lucky Man! (Warner UK / US)

Achim Reichel – AR4 / AR5 (Autovision) / Erholung (Zebra or Brain DE) not even on CD yet!

Seventh Wave – Things To Come (Gull UK / Janus US)

Solution – Cordon Bleu (Rocket UK)

Spooky Tooth – The Last Puff (Island UK / A&M US)

Spring – s/t (Neon UK)

String Driven Thing – s/t (Charisma UK / US)

The Tubes – s/t (A&M US)

Thijs Van Leer – O My Love (Philips NL) not even on CD yet!

Vangelis – Earth (Vertigo FR / US)

Rick Wakeman – The Six Wives of Henry VIII (A&M UK / US)

War – The World Is A Ghetto (U.A. US)

Wigwam – Nuclear Nightclub (Love Finland)

Robert Wood – Vibrarock (Polydor FR) not even on CD yet!

Zygoat – s/t (Polydor UK) not even on CD yet!

I have normal CD’s (and original LP’s) of all these titles, but not any deluxe / re-mastered editions.  Why, in 2012, are there any records of my youth not on CD?

The ones that aren’t on CD yet – master ‘em correctly and sell them to me!  The ones that have already been CD’s – re-master ‘em properly and enhance the packging!  Anything on this list that’s been a Deluxe Edition?  Then make an SA-CD or DVD-A 5.1 version!  I am ready to buy re-masters / deluxe editions of any of the above titles, record companies!

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5 Responses to Anniversary / Re-Master Mania!

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    Cale’s Island Records trilogy has gotten an omnibus, dlx RM with nice liner notes and 5x bonus cuts from US Island! Every home should have one!! Can you imagine “Fear” in 5.1?

  2. Ron Kane says:

    Jim-san, How’d you miss this one? It’s been out for years…not deluxe, either – they do not even re-pro the orig album artwork in all cases. Sound is good, but not great. The one I’d want to hear in 5.1 is “Helen of Troy”!

  3. postpunkmonk says:

    Oh, I didn’t miss it. I’ve had this for years!

  4. Ron Kane says:

    I would not call this pkg dlx. Yes, it was re-mastered, but…not great packaging.

  5. Dana says:


    I believe that all three FLASH albums have been remastered/re-released w/ bonus tracks!

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