Good week

It’s been an interesting week!

I got to see my old friend David O. on Monday – I demonstrated my 5.1 system to him.  I went walking with Joe C. on Tuesday – it was cold (for here)!  We also went to a record store in Costa Mesa, CA.  On Wednesday, I went to dinner (and grocery shopping) with Dana M. – as we tried to remember the names of long-gone record stores in the greater Los Angeles area.  Thursday night, I met up with Ken H. in uptown Whittier – and I went into Lovell’s for a few minutes!  (Yet another old school record store).  Tomorrow, Ken & I will work on our album…again; Might see David Z. and Warren B. – I like seeing a lot of friends!  Thanks, guys!

And I’ve been listening to:

Ragnarok “Fjarilar i Magen” (1980), a fantastic instrumental album that took over 30 years to arrive on CD.

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3 Responses to Good week

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    But it was a bad week for Etta James, Johnny Otis and Jimmy Castor [r.i.p.].

  2. Dana says:

    Always a pleasure, my friend… always a pleasure!

  3. Ron Kane says:

    @PPM = Yep. @Skiddana = Onwards!

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