Ultimate Collection re-cap

1-18-12          Ultimate Collection re-cap

Indie rock guy Jim O’Rourke born 1969, rapper DJ Quik born 1970; O’Rourke has lived in Tokyo, I never ran into him there.

The first 7 discs in my “Ultimate Collection” are:

1. Zappa, Frank / Mothers Of Invention – We’re Only In It For The Money (1968)

2. Cage, John / David Tudor – Indeterminacy (1959)

3. Split Enz – Mental Notes (1975)

4. Gruppo Sportivo – The Buddy Odor Stop (1979)

5. Tachibana, Hajime – H (1982)

6. Procol Harum – Broken Barricades (1971)

7. Entwistle, John – Smash Your Head Against The Wall (1971)

The next three titles (#8 – #10) are all what would be considered “Classic Rock”:

8. Beatles, The – Revolver (1966)

9. Hendrix Experience, Jimi – Are You Experienced? (1967)

10. Traffic – John Barleycorn Must Die (1970)

You don’t really need me to explain any of those three albums to you, do you?  And just a reminder: The numbering is not the ranking!  It’s just a numbering system.

The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix LP’s are UK original editions, both of which have different songs to their US counterparts.  The Traffic LP was issued just about everywhere on Earth, with the same contents – though there are some cover variants.

In England, the debut Jimi Hendrix LP only ever had a mono release – but it was stereo from the beginning, for the US market.  All three of these albums exist as re-mastered CD’s; the Hendrix and Traffic titles have grown to double disc sets; 2CD on the Traffic, and a CD + DVD combo for the Hendrix.

So, into 2012 – These are the top 10, for the time being.  As far as I am concerned, you should already own all of the above titles.  Perhaps you’ll take an issue with one or two of the choices.  But the above titles generally play with the greatest of ease around here.  Alas, the sole title in my Top 10 that is available as an SA-CD is the Traffic title; and it’s not even a hybrid disc – you must have an SA-CD player to play it!

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