Nick Cave – From Her To Eternity (5.1)

1-12-12          Nick Cave – From Her To Eternity (5.1)

Esoteric music guru Morton Feldman born 1926, Singer Ruth Brown born 1928; I own music by both.

Disc o’ the day:  Nick Cave / Bad Seeds – From Her To Eternity (5.1)

It’s really quite nice that many Nick Cave albums were remixed to 5.1 for their 2-disc editions of a few years back.  I am a much bigger fan of The Boys Next Door / Birthday Party years for old Nick.

Many years ago, I wrote to The Birthday Party – and Nick answered me, giving me the requested lyrics (for “Happy Birthday”).  When they came to L.A. in ’83, I took ‘em all around, asked a million questions and made some good friends (right around the time of “Prayers On Fire”).

“Hee Haw” by The Boys Next Door really sounded good to me.  I played it a lot, as I learned to drink beer, as a young man.  “Prayers On Fire” and “Release The Bats” really drove us all nuts!  Excellent misbehaving.

I remember Cameron being ‘fully refreshed’ and calling directory assistance in Melbourne, Australia – trying to get Nick’s phone number – but all they gave us was his mother’s phone number.  I don’t remember calling her.

The Birthday Party didn’t last too long – you try keeping one of those together!  All the controversy over “Nazi” imagery; the tale of tricking ‘Big Daddy’ Ed Roth to design “Junkyard” – while Roth was a born-again Christian…

I did not fully make it to Nick’s solo career, at the time.  Nice 5.1 mixes will certainly help this scenario.  Last time I ran into Nick at LAX, he remembered me.

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2 Responses to Nick Cave – From Her To Eternity (5.1)

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    I had Ed Roth’s autobio some years back and he was kind of peeved with The Birthday Party!

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    Yes, I don’t think he was told the truth about what kind of music it was – and “Junkyard” isn’t exactly a subtle album…

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