Welcome to 2012!

1-1-2012                Welcome to 2012!

Welcome to the Ron Kane Files!

We are looking forward to another year of discussing music, ranting and raving about our favorites etc.  Please feel free to read and comment.

I’m away at the moment, but I’ll be back shortly.  We have more Phonolog release sheets to go through – 1972!  Also, Strange Days magazine is still doing their wonderful “Time Machine” feature, so I’ll be reporting their findings.

Gotta get back to work on my “Ultimate Collection”!  I expect it to take a couple of weeks to arrive at that point.

So feel free to check out the archives or wait around for the new posts to begin!

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3 Responses to Welcome to 2012!

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    I thought “is that Ron’s actual record zone?” When I saw the full res image, I knew it for certain. I would have a hard time getting a similar photo of my vinyl zone since the Media Empire Room is so dern small. Any such photos on my blog have been used purely for illustrative purposes. I should try to move some stuff so that I can get a clean shot of the racks. I bought some plastic divider cards from a record store many years ago, so my artist tabs are industry standard. But my vinyl zone is probably much, much smaller than yours. I have 2x 36″x18″ stainless steel baker’s racks 6′ high. Each of the four shelves contains 3 milk crates. Each milk crate has its opening facing the front as it is filled with 12″ vinyl that won’t slip into the parallel wires of the shelf. Each milk crate holds about 100 12″ discs. Three of the milk crates house the laserdisc [movies] collection. I have two wooden cubes [same size as milk crates, that hold the music lasers. Three crates hold a lot of “junk vinyl” from garage sales not “mainstreamed” into the proper collection. So the “proper collection” probably numbers about 1600-1700 12″ discs.

  2. Ron Kane says:

    That is only a few rows of many. And have more towers in other rooms. Too much vinyl!

    • postpunkmonk says:

      Have you had any foundation damage to your home? I once visited a DJs home to pick up an ebay record and his wife told how they had to reinforce their foundation, which had cracked from the records!

      Is rebar in your future, Ron?

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