Billboard Magazine etc.

Just the other day, I read a Billboard Magazine cover to cover in a San Fernando Valley bookstore.  Was it my imagination, or did it have WAY TOO MANY charts to be believed?  Has everyone / everything been given it’s own chart?  Oh, and I recognized almost nothing being discussed within it’s pages.

Yeah, I’m too old.  No use for a 2011 music business publication.  Would Music Week in the UK be any better?  I doubt it.

40 years ago, getting an issue of Billboard was a real treat; for one thing, it was expensive for 1972.  But one could read all the international charts etc.  In the Dec. 2011 issue, the international charts were dismal – no Australian artists in the Australian Top 10, same for NZ etc.

I did notice that “Dark Side Of The Moon” by Pink Floyd is on the 2011 chart, so I’ve heard at least one album in the Hot 200!

But – my goodness – all those folks in the Billboard chart… can this stuff all really be being taken seriously?  Not by people like me, that’s for certain.

Back in the real world, I noticed that James “Motorhead” Sherwood of The Mothers of Invention passed away recently.  I guess he can play with Jimmy Carl Black, the Indian of the group now.  <aybe Frank us there, too.  Don Preston still walks the Earth!

…as do I!

On my way to San Francisco today.  We’ll see what mental illness has been traded in to the 2 x Amoeba Music stores up there – I always find stuff!  (Maybe for you, too?  Do I have your most recent want list?)  Can’t wait to troll my usuals up there – Rasputin’s, Streetlight etc.  Blue Bottle Coffee, Oakland.  Down Home Music in El Cerrito.  That newer store on 40th St. in Oakland, near the Mac & Cheese restaurant.  Will I be able to get the GF to allow me to stop on Bascom Ave. in San Jose – for a visit to both Streetlight and Rasputin’s?  I can leave her across the street at the brewery, I guess.

Yeah, I’ll be back soon – and busily writing about 1972!  Yep, almost the 40th anniversary of 1972!!



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3 Responses to Billboard Magazine etc.

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    Billboard was always expensive, but my weekly session was a highlight of my time in college, where I could read the $300/year publication with impunity. That’s how I really stayed connected with what was happening during ’81-’85. Between Advertising Age and Billboard, news reading was not really significant. If you really wanted to understand what was happening in our culture and why, trust me, Advertising Age was it!, not Time or Newsweek. Those were a sop for the Proles.

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    Advertising Age! Now, that’s a real magazine!

  3. Brian Ware says:

    Billboard’s complete irrelevance was the moment they launched the top musical ringtones chart. A perfect reflection of music’s role for most youngsters!

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