Thank you!

12-23-11                Thank You!

“How can I help you find more music that you will like?”

“Can I help you with any specific collection(s)?”

“Will you help me find that stuff that I am looking for?”

Thanks to Brian W., Bob G., Jim D., Dana M., Mark M., Tom B., Warren B., Ken H., Eric S., David O., David P., Tom M., Mike McG., David Z., Rick S., Joe C., Steven W., Cary B., Gary S., Osamu I., Wes O., Phil C., Charles M., Deepinder C., Steve “Mott” H., Chris M., Dave A., Bob S., Dorothy, Gwynne (K / G), Rose, Theresa, Susan, Lauren, Darrell, Cameron, Craig S., Mike V., Bill S., Paul S., Steve Z., Gary N., Rick P., Tom R., Ace F.F., Lucy, Debbie, Andy / Alex, Yael, Laszlo, Igor, Gilles, Eric H., Pete B., Laurie F., Murray C., Joe R., Roland B., Holger C. Aldo T., Tony H. Gina S., Barbara H.. Philip P. etc. – and everybody who came to Ron-Kon in Portland, OR, 2008!

Thanks too to famous, legendary record stores:  Tower Records, Aron Records (on Melrose; on Highland), Wallach’s Music City (Lakewood), Rhino Records (Westwood and Claremont), Virgin Records (Oxford St.), Moby Disc (Van Nuys), Wave (Roppongi), Platterpuss, Music Millennium (Portland), Waterloo (Austin), Crocodisc (Paris), Newbury Comics, The Wherehouse, Ray Avery’s Rare Records (Glendale, Redondo Beach), Second Spin (Costa Mesa), Port o’ Sound, Records Ltd., Licorice Pizza (Bellflower, West Covina, Huntington Beach etc.), Mole Music and Od Tunes (Topanga Canyon Blvd.), Sound Spectrum, Music Plus (Hermosa Beach), HMV (Shibuya), Amoeba Music (SF, Berkeley, LA), Music Market, Rasputin’s (Bascom, Concord, others), Crane’s (on Pico Blvd.), Streetlight (Bascom), Silvio’s (Cuba St.), Revolver Records (4th St.), Real Groovy (Queen St.), Everyday Music (Portland), Jazz Record Revival (Tom Burns), Disk Union (Shinjuku and others), Recofan (4F Beams), Phineas (on Anaheim St.), Rare Nakano, Mundae, Recomints (Nakano), Fields of Zaad (Pico Blvd.), FNAC (Montparnasse), Garden Shed (Nishi-Shinjuku), Lou’s (Encinitas), Folk Arts (San Diego), Prime Cuts (Hollywood), Tape & Record Room (Long Beach), Steve Mintz / Bagatelle (Long Beach, 4th St. and Atlantic Ave.) etc.

Special dedication to my brother, James B. Kane, who passed away on 9-30-11.  This man helped me become who I am.  He taught me how / why to collect phonograph records.  “Are your hands clean?”

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3 Responses to Thank you!

  1. Bob Gaulke says:

    No, really. Thank you. Why else would I be thinking of “Tago Mago” at 11:58 pm on a Thursday night?

    Much Big Love in 2012,

    Bob G

  2. davidz29 says:

    I’m honored to be on the list.

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