Books, Films – Part 2

12-22-11                Books, Films, Part Two

So, I seem to use media to determine my “experience time line”:




I have engaged in all three formats concurrently for over 40 years!  My favorite is obviously music, but you can’t keep me out of an interesting bookstore!  And not so much anymore, but…I used to try and see tons of films; I would follow actors, then directors, then cinematographers, then set designers; I’ve even gone to films just to hear the incidental music!  Film Comment!  Cahiers du Cinema!  Roman Polanski!  Stanley Kubrick!  Nicholas Roeg!  Peter Weir!  Lindsay Anderson!

Tony Curtis, Burt Lancaster, Michael J. Pollard, Richard Benjamin, John Cassavetes…

Books about music, art…revolution!  William S. Burroughs, Ed Sanders (I absolutely love his “Fug You” auto-biography – so much info about The Fugs!), Charles Bukowski, “Music Master” etc.

Music is why I wanted to travel – different place, different music!  A different record collecting experience!  And I got to meet neat people and see interesting stuff, too!  To go to museums, botanical gardens, beaches…Uh, I don’t do elevation well, so…I stay out of places that are in an elevation of 4,000, 5,000 ft.!  (I guess I shouldn’t go to Denver, CO looking for books or records?)  And I love “Islands” – England, japan, New Zealand – and as previously discussed – it doesn’t always have to be in English!

How did I make the leap out of the language that I was born into?  Likely, the first non-English language music that I went for was in French.  I took French uin High school and had a very good teacher, who really engaged the youngsters and got them excited about French and France.  So, I was on the look-out for French rock music!  I do believe that the first one I chanced across was the debut album by singer / songwriter Michel Berger.

I liked German artists, though – but the first couple of years that I concentrated on that, they all seemed to be singing in English (or were entirely instrumental bands) – Amon Duul II, Faust, Neu!, Kraftwerk, Can…absolutely concurrent finding that Michael Berger LP in a used bin.  Gee, not much French rock music was ever pushed in the direction of the U.S., was it?  Magma, anyone?  Two LP’s out on A&M in the U.S.!

Any chance of adapting my skills to a new hobby?  I know how to look for stuff; I know how to keep tight lists.  What can I bring to birdwatching?  Digital photographs and audio recordings of birds?  Travel to foreign countries in search of ‘rare birds’?  A really big “Bird List”?  Could I travel to a foreign country to look for birds and not check out the record stores there?

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