Honor Your 21-Year-Old Self

12-20-11                Honor Your 21-Year-Old Self!

When you were 21, you were technically an adult, but…maybe there were still some “child-like” aspects to what you did?  Or maybe you hadn’t yet realized, or maybe you just didn’t know…as much as you should’ve known?

For me, it was 1979.  My band was active – we recorded and released an album, we played live, even!  I went to England / Europe for the first time.  I was going to a lot of concerts, and I had good friends, some from the circle of people who worked at the hippie record stores / distributor with me.  The Roxy!  The Whisky!  I was not in a “relationship” in 1979 at age 21, but…I previously had some pre-adult relationships, so I was desirous of a relationship.  Yep, I knew that I was a “Straight”!  It took a year or two, but I did eventually tap into a coven of gorgeous teenaged girls that provided me with several girlfriends (and eventually a wife / relationship that lasted 14 years).

I had a steady job at a record distributor in Glendale, CA “Superior Music”, the owner of the Licorice Pizza record store chain in Los Angeles.  I was busily meeting music industry peers, and I remember well the “community” around the people who worked at the distributor.   Even my brother worked there!  All hail Jim Kane (1948 – 2011), the man who taught me about being a record collector!

But by the time you’re 30 years of age, you pretty much know who you are.  But the journey is a long one, ain’t it, readers?  And you may not exactly know where you are in your own time line!  I certainly didn’t always know where I was in the great tale of “The Inspector”!  A few years prior to my turning 30, the compact disc was introduced.  It really messed with the music business – more $$ out, but profit margin not increased.

I became unemployed in 1987, so I started to sell off some of my vinyl to pay bills and buy CD’s.  Don’t fret, almost each and every sale was to my fiscal / mental advantage!  A decade later, I started re-collecting some of the purloined vinyl – so not to worry!  1998: my year of turning 40, buying records back that I had sold off when I turned 30!

The 90’s – re-mastered CD’s, improved mastering, packaging!  Visits to Japan!  My eventual divorce!  Music business parties!  And I left the actual music business for good!  I started my “next’ relationship; Awake in the New Century!  And thinking about my 21 year old self.

I was always “shocked” to find young people who “didn’t care” about music / records / pop culture.  It has literally all I’ve ever really thought about.  How can anybody NOT have a record collection?  I still use the discussion of recorded music to determine if a person is of “sufficient“ mettle to engage my spurious attention.  Who will know what I am talking about, anyway?  Who has some idea what my “experience” has been all about?

Maybe my 21-Year-Old 1979 self helped you collect records, or perhaps it’s the current 2011 53-Year-Old version?

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2 Responses to Honor Your 21-Year-Old Self

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    I traded off many records in 1985-1986 during the “Great Vinyl Purge” – periods I & II. Record stores would let you trade in used vinyl for new CDs? Insane! “Surely these will be available soon on compact disc,” I thought to myself. But many releases never crossed the digital divide, and within about 6 years, I began re-purchasing some of them back. Mostly at a fraction of what I got in trade value at the time of trading them in! So, ultimately, it was a good trade off. And there were many records, that I simply didn’t bother re-buying on compact disc. Others, were hard to find again even on vinyl, like the second Buggles album. I eventually bought that courtesy of our Japanese friends. Phew!

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    2nd Buggles album! I got the first Jpn CD of it (no bonus tracks), then I started finding the 7″ & 12″ singles from it…and eventually the LP showed up. Now it’s a re-mastered UK CD with lots of bonus tracks – but they didn’t re-produce all the wonderful artwork from the singles!

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