Time Machine – November 1971

12-18-11                Time Machine – November 1971

From the January 2012 issue of Strange Days Magazine, in Japan – selected by editor Quoichiro Iwamoto.

November 1971 releases listed are:  Pink Floyd “Meddle” (Harvest UK LP SHVL 795), Genesis “Nursery Cryme” (Charisma UK LP CAS 1052), Yes “Fragile” (Atlantic UK LP 2401 019), Emerson, Lake & Palmer “Pictures At An Exhibition” (Island UK LP HELP 1), Barclay James Harvest “B.J.H. and Other Short Stories” (Harvest UK LP SHVL 794), Elton John “Madman Across The Water” (DJM UK LP DJLPH 420), Led Zeppelin “IV” (Atlantic UK LP 2401 012), Fairport Convention “Babbacombe Lee” (Island UK LP ILPS 9176), and Traffic “The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys” (Island UK LP ILPS 9180).

I believe I own all 9 of these titles today, though I have never properly entered B.J.H. into my collection; also I only have the Fairport as an LP; no go on the Led Zeppelin – overkill, overplayed – never more!

This is one of the better Pink Floyd LP’s; I will never forget hearing “Echoes” on the FM radio and not being able to identify them with the group I already knew of.  I didn’t buy the Genesis at the time, not until after I found “Foxtrot” in almost a year’s time.  I first bought a US LP of Yes “Fragile” – really liked the booklet!  Eventually, I got a UK re-issue LP of it, a Japanese LP of it – and in the CD age, I went from US CD to Japanese paper sleeve SHM-CD version; now I also own a 5.1 audio SA-CD and a 5.1 DVD-A of “Fragile”!

I was all over the EL&P LP upon it’s initial UK release!  I had loved the debut album and “Tarkus”, so – this one was a natural for me, as a 13-year-old!  I found a US LP of the B.J.H. – but never warmed to them, never replaced the LP with a UK one, never got it on CD…I like the Elton John LP just fine – US LP to UK LP to CD to re-mastered CD to a 5.1 audio SA-CD!

I remember buying a US white label promo of “Led Zeppelin IV” at the time of it’s release.  Groovy, ma-a-a-n!  But, it seemed a bit…pedestrian to me?  It got sold for almost nothing – shame, as I am certain a white label of it would fetch some scratch in 2011!  I got the Fairport as a UK Island LP not all that long ago – I have been on the fence with them for years now; I think I still like “Unhalfbricking” the best.

Probably the most important LP on this list today is the Traffic LP – I absolutely loved this LP upon it’s initial release!  And I am still rather fond of it.  US LP to German LP, then to orig US CD, then a re-mastered CD, then a Japanese SHM-CD paper sleeve edition.  I also got the “Rock & Roll Stew” 45 from this LP.  Great stuff.

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