2011 Round-Up – Part 2


2011 Round-Up – Part 2

The Class of 2011

Here are 17 titles that you should still be able to turn up – with a small bit of effort.  These releases are all recommended by myself, and I am delighted to own them and to have paid full (or almost full) retail for ‘em.  I can provide serial numbers, if necessary.

A CERTAIN RATIO – The Graveyard & The Ballroom (Hayabusa JPN kami sleeve CD)

ART OF NOISE – Into Battle (Salvo UK CD)

CARAVAN – In The Land Of Grey & Pink (Universal UK 2CD + DVD 5.1) make sure it is an NTSC DVD

DEEP PURPLE – Machine Head (Warner JPN SA-CD 5.1 hybrid)

THE FUGS – The Village Fugs (Hayabusa JPN kami sleeve CD) their debut

HERBIE HANCOCK – Head Hunters (Sony JPN SA-CD 5.1 hybrid)

JET – Jet / More Light Than Shade (RPM UK 2CD)

KING CRIMSON – Starless & Bible Black (DGM US CD + DVD 5.1)

MAGAZINE – No Thyself (Wire Sound UK CD) Thank you, Jim Donato!

THE NECKS – Mindset (Recommended US LP / CD) Thank you, Joe Castle!

PINK FLOYD – Wish You Were Here (Analogue Productions US SA-CD 5.1 hybrid)

POLAR BEAR – Peepers (Leaf UK CD)

CATHERINE RINGER – Ring N’ Roll (Because FR CD)

SLY & THE FAMILY STONE – The Woodstock Experience (Sony 2CD set) incl. “Stand”

V. A. – Revolutions In Sound (Warner US 10CD boxed set)

FRANK ZAPPA – Hammersmith Odeon (Vaulternative 3CD boxed set)  Zappa.com

I mail-ordered a few (overseas and domestic); bought a few in stores; the Japan titles all came from Wes Oishi @ Sound Source CD’s.  Jim Donato sent me the Magazine CD, direct from the band’s website; Joe Castle bought The Necks at a live show by them in downtown L.A.

To get the 5.1 experience, please use a 5.1 DVD player that is compatible with SA-CD!

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