2011 Round-Up – Part 1


2011 Round-Up – Part 1

2011 was a pretty good year for finding rare records – some on my own, some “With A Little Help From My Friends”.  My sincere thanks to all who contributed / helped with my ongoing collection.

BONZO DOG BAND – Keynsham (Liberty UK LP) came out of a bookstore with a record department in Santa Cruz, CA.  I hadn’t seen a UK original LP in a number of years and the copy I found there had the foil cover attachment in tact and LP in very, very good condition.

THE COASTERS – The Climb (Atco US 45) was found for me by my old friend warren Bowman in New Orleans, LA – while on vacation there.  I’d never seen a copy of it before.  FYI, it is a re-recorded version of the song originally called “The Slime”.

JOE COCKER – With A Little Help From My Friends (Regal-Zonophone US LP)  This UK original LP was turned up at a new record store in Costa Mesa, CA, “Port of Sound” for a very reasonably price – and you almost never see UK original Joe Cocker Regal-Zonophone LP’s!  I believe this is Cocker’s debut LP!

FAUST – Faust (German Polydor LP, clear vinyl) was on the wall at a small record store in San Diego, CA.  At first I thought it was a re-issue, but upon closer examination, it was a German original, bettering the copy I’ve had for 25+ years!  I love this album!  (It was expensive).

FLYING LIZARDS – Fourth Wall (Both Virgin Japan LP and Virgin UK LP)  Found these two a couple weeks apart, after not having seen this LP for sale in 3 decades!  Worry not, a legit CD issue occurred in 2010.  This LP features Robert Fripp.  Rhino Claremont (Jpn LP and Port of Sound, UK LP).

INCREDIBLE STRING BAND – Be Glad For The Song Had No Ending (Edsel UK CD)  I’ve had the Island UK LP of this since it’s release, but the CD has always proved illusive.  Until now!  And I have a DVD of this film, too!  Great stuff.  Amoeba SF.

SPIKE JONES – Wild Bill Hiccup (RCA US 45)  Last June, the mother-lode of Spike Jones 45’s turned up at the Pasadena City College Swap Meet – most for $3 each!  Yes, I bought quite a few – “Hi Mister” b/w “This Song Is For The Birds”, his last 45 for RCA in 1955!  But “Wild Bill Hiccup” was a mint 1949 45 that really knocked my socks off.

PAUL KANTER – A Child Is Coming b/w Let’s Go Together (RCA US 45 with Picture Sleeve) – Well, I certainly never saw a picture sleeve for this 45 before!  I rank this as the single best post-Airplane 45, too.  Newark, CA Swap Meet, and under $10.

MIKE OLDFIELD – Tubular Bells (Japanese Virgin 2CD + DVD set, paper sleeve edition)  Yep, I got this one on the after-market; had to make sure the DVD with 5.1 audio would play in my device, so went for an NTSC issue.  (It was expensive).  Amoeba Hollywood.

SAILOR – Sailor (CBS UK LP)  Ran across this one in a Santa Barbara, CA record store in the $1 bin.  Glorious fold-out UK cover art, and mint LP.

THE STRANGLERS – The Raven (Liberty UK LP with 3-D cover)  From a different Santa Cruz, CA record store than the Bonzo Dog Band LP.  I sold my original 3-D cover of this LP in the 80’s, and have regretted it ever since.  This copy was under $10 and was sealed by the importer!

PETE TOWNSHEND – Who Came First (Track Record UK LP with artwork insert)  Got his one at the Buena Park Swap Meet for a mere $6, with artwork insert included and mint LP.  This year, I also got a Japanese paper sleeve edition with a re-pro of the artwork insert included!

THE WHO – Call Me Lightning (Decca US 45)  I saw this in a San Diego record store for $20+, so was delighted to pull a copy of it out of the Claremont, CA Swap Meet for $2.50; and it’s one of my favorite Who singles.

STOMU YAMASHTA / Come To The Edge – Floating Music (London Japan LP)  Certainly never saw a Japanese LP of this dynamite UK 1971 LP on Island Records before!  The cover art has his name in Hiragana, instead of English – and a big booklet!  So cool!  And not expensive!

None of the above records entered my collection via eBay or any via other mail-order situation.  My thanks to Warren for finding the ‘holy grail’ Coasters 45 on my behalf.  All others came up as a result of my own two hands, pocketbook and watchful eye.

Tomorrow I will detail the 17 titles that I have been delighted with that are all theoretically still in print and available, if you wish to follow my sterling example in the holy art of record collecting.

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2 Responses to 2011 Round-Up – Part 1

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    I can’t believe you found the UK edition of “Fourth Wall” too! That one passed me by. I can only surmise that the 2010 CD RMs of that title may have spurred short-sighted collectors to dump their long-cherished copies. I mail-ordred the 2xCD recently and I’ll let you know when I come across a copy of the LP any time soon.

    Don’t hold your breath.

    And I’m shocked that you sold off the lenticular “Raven” pressing! I mean, it’s the best Stranglers album in its ultimate form! I only found my copy [<$10] in 1993, in a record store in Deland, Florida [!!!]* that was stuffed with amazing records, JPN imports I'd never seen before, and all at very desirable prices. I even got my [bootleg, presumably] Stranglers t-shirt there; black [natch] with the logo in red and the raven art from the inner sleeve in puffy black printing underneath. Alas, the store had probably been waiting a decade for me to happen upon it and clean it out. Subsequent visits were not worth the drive.

    * Akin to finding a store stuffed with UK imports and JPN imports you've never seen before [$3/ea] in, say… Blythe.

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    There is some justice – I got paid well for the orig 3-D “Raven”, and then the one I found in Santa Cruz was still in the shrinkwrap that the ’79 record distributor used! And it was under $10! And you’re probably correct on the F Lizards re-mastered CD being the reason that 2 diff. copies of the rare 2nd album show up – after not being seen anywhere for 30+ years.

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