My First 2 Years of High school


My First Two Years of High School

Roughly 1974 and 1975 – my brother got out of the U.S. Air Force, and came home to live – so I had someone to discuss music with, someone to take me to record stores in Los Angeles – someone other than my Dad!

There were no big events in these years – I don’t remember going to any concerts, just yet.  That would start in 1976 or so!  Maybe my first record collector swap meet @ Capitol Records parking lot in Hollywood?

I had two memorable high school girlfriends who kept my learning curve straight up!  Rose liked Queen and Sparks, bands that I thought were “superfluous” (i.e, not serious enough, m-a-a-a-n) at that time.  I saw Rose sing something in high school, and I remember liking her voice (even if I thought a song from “Godspell” was a bit ‘lite’).  Teresa was younger than I, and I really only remember turning her onto Kayak.  But she must’ve had other records!  Maybe Cat Stevens, Elton John etc.  Both of my high school girlfriends were church-going folks, but that didn’t stop the ongoing “hanky panky” that young people always seemed to get up to!  Ah, the stories I could tell – but I want to keep my “safe” rating, for this blog!

I used to make cassettes of Henry Cow LP’s at home and bring them to school to listen to in the “Language Lab” – a classroom with desks that had cassette players in ‘em.  I got out of Physical Education by agreeing to type tests for the Foreign Language Department; I was quite popular with the French, Spanish and German teachers!  Hatfield & The North!  German records!  Achim Reichel!

“Frampton Comes Alive” was very popular at this time; incomprehensible to me.  Why wasn’t everyone listening to Gong?  I do also remember being quite fond of 1965 – 1970 Bob Dylan in the mid-70’s – smirking at young kids who thought that “Blood On The Tracks” was really something – f**k that, listen to “Blonde on Blonde”!

By 1975, I had been personally observing the arc of pop music for almost 10 years.  Did it make sense?  I was very aware that the records from the 60’s weren’t like the records from the 70’s – or the 50’s!  With used LP’s being less expensive than new records, I got to hear all sorts of music become part of my coat of many colors.  Oh, and they taught me to drive a car in high school – both in a ‘simulator’, and in a real car!

Once I met a guy (who I know to this day) in a record store who let me know that he could hire me as soon as I was “available” (i.e. out of high school) – I entered a dream world from which I would never emerge.  I know what I’m going to do when I get outta here!

To my two sweet high school girlfriends:  Thanks for sharing wonderful ‘teenage kicks’ with me.  I’m so glad I got to do all that stuff when I was actually still a teenager!

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3 Responses to My First 2 Years of High school

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    Damn! I just need to buy those Neu! CDs! How much longer must I be aware of them and yet ignorant of them? Case in point: I was in a great store in Nashville last year and finally heard La Düsseldorf on the in-store! It was insane! It sounded magnificent to my ears, and yet it was their critically reviled “Individuellos” album!! Since buying it I’ve loved that CD so I must complete the Michael Rother/Klaus Dinger [r.i.p.] discography. Chances are, I’ll love it all unconditionally.

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    Don’t miss “Flammende Herzen” by Michael Rother; Bowie must’ve played his LP of it to death.

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