10 Years of the iPod


10 Years of the iPod

I read that it was recently the 10th anniversary of apple’s iPod.  Great, 10 years of squashing music.  Did the first iPods really only hold 1,000 songs?  What if the songs were longer?  Did it still hold 1,000?

Nope, not a fan of digitization, or MP3’s.  I, for one, have been waiting on MP4’s for a while now – but it is not to be.  I do like ‘lossy’ formats – I love the Sony MD!  But I can’t go for MP3’s – what would I play them on?  No go on my cassette, reel-to-reel, CD or DVD player – oh wait, maybe the DVD player plays MP3’s.

But I use a DVD player to play 5.1 SA-CD’s and DVD-A’s!  Why would I want to use a DVD player to play MP3’s, then?

I remember scrambling to buy a Sony cassette deck, at the time when Circuit City was closing down.  I finally found one with cassette machines still in the carton, but they were still expensive (over $100).  But now I have a new one (circa 2006, and almost no time on the heads); my final MD machine is from 2008 – but I have certainly used that more than the cassette deck.

And if I wanted a new turntable, that wouldn’t be a problem, as 2012 approaches.  Might have to replace the belts on my Sony TC-377, 399 reel-to-reel, though.  10 years of iPod?  Why the hell doesn’t Best Buy (or equivalent) sell anything that records music anymore?

So, the CD will vanish while the remaining ‘record companies’ issue a multiple-disc boxed set of “Some Girls” by The Rolling Stones; “Quadrophenia” by The Who; Jethro Tull “Aqualung” etc.?  And all those Pink Floyd re-re-re-re-issues!

Still never downloaded anything, really.  O did once get a Thunderclap Newman demo off of petetownshend.co.uk – but that was all, honest!  Can’t really see them dragging me off to debtor’s prison for that one.  Nope, I ain’t Mr. Bit-torrent etc.

I am Mr. Let’s-Replace-The-Stylus, OK?  Let’s get that services.  Let a guy at the store calibrate the tonearm!  Let’s clean that swap meet record!  I have my Japanese ‘brush’ style cleaner – which will get unseen grime out of grooves, allowing a smoother trip.

I listen to a lot of SA-CD’s, which do sound pretty good – on my modest bedroom stereo.  Then I’ll put on a UK 80’s 12” single (Rico Rodriguez “Jungle Music”, for example) – and the sound of that just plain old blows me away!  Audiophile?  You bet!

So a 30-year-old UK 12” single’s sound blows away just about all the best digital sounds I’ve ever heard.  Go figure.  How many of those will fit onto my iPod Shuffle device? I can get roughly 80 minutes of that sound onto a Sony MD.

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5 Responses to 10 Years of the iPod

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    Been there. Done that.


    But I also would decry the Sony Minidisc. More lossy music files. You just like it because a) it’s a physical representation of that lossy file in the form of a minidisc instead of a “file” and b) it’s got “Sony” stamped on it. I got over Sony a loooong time ago.

    Apple is the new Sony. Has been for years. I just made a DVD for a co-worker who brought in her Sony widescreen, Dolby Digital HD camcorder – she couldn’t figure out how to get the movies out of it. The thing is a TV studio in the palm of your hand, but you’ve got to be a Mensa candidate to figure out how to access any of its myriad functions! Apple is the most successful tech company in the world because they write the book on user interfaces and make technology [much] more usable than their competitors. That said, I still don’t want an iPod.

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    You obviously never played with a Sony MiniDisc. The editing function is what I yearned for in cassette, but never got.

    • postpunkmonk says:

      You’re right. I never hit MD because I could see which way the wind was blowing – CD-R. In 1993 I bought my first Mac, which was an A/V monster with full digital audio specs, so when you can edit on a computer, that’s about as good as it gets. I started editing audio on Peak v. 2 and I’m on 5.2 currently. I once edited my “Ronco: Street Funk ’74” tape comp on the computer and got amazing crossfades and razor sharp edits [for maximum funk impact], which I then output to a C-90 since my first CD burner didn’t enter the picture until 1998.

      Cassette decks lost a lot of finesse when they went from mechanical piano keys to electromechanical solenoid controls. My Akai deck stopped cold when you hit that “pause” key. Not so on the current… hmm. I have no idea who makes my current cassette deck, actually. It’s been over a decade since I fired it up. Similarly, my first Sears [Sanyo] Beta deck had piano keys. It edited on a dime. You hit that pause and it stopped; rock solid. Subsequent low-mid Sony Betas I purchased for embarrassingly short lifespans had solenoid controls, which precluded tight editing, to put it mildly! Not until the SLFH-2100 could I really edit videotape like a prosumer. But by that time, my friends and I weren’t making any weird clown puppet videos.

  3. Ron Kane says:

    My SLHF-2100 is bond. Still works, alas – the remote died!

    Ronco: Street Funk ’74 sounds great – you should write more about it, Jim-san.

    I want something new that records, and can edit as precise as an MD. Or another new MD recorder. Can I have something that records in 5.1, please?

  4. postpunkmonk says:

    Ahhh. But you’ve got to have the interface that mixes in 5.1, don’t you? That’s still a specialized market that probably won’t hit the consider level any time soon. As cool as 5.1 is, I don’t like the way it forces you to sit in the “sweet spot” to enjoy it fully. My concentrated listening is only in the car, while I’m alone driving the 26 miles each way to/from work. The rest of the time I have to be multitasking; there’s too much stuff I need to do, not to mention the stuff I want to do.

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