Failed Format Maven

For the last several years, I have felt like a champion of what seemed initially to be a failed format:  SA-CD and DVD-A – I arrived there by the very amusing possibilities of 5.1 audio, on album titles that I was fond of.  Failed formats?  There are 2011 new releases in both formats!  I just got King Crimson “Starless & Bible Black” as a CD + DVD-A title and I also just got brand new Japanese issues of Yes “Fragile” and Deep Purple “Machine Head” as 2011 5.1 SA-CD’s!  So, renewed interest in Japan is keeping rock music on SA-CD alive?  There are still literally tons of new classical titles on SA-CD (mostly in Europe).

But it does really look like DualDisc is dead – despite those high profile Talking Heads ones – CD on one side and DVD on the other? I’m ready for DualDisc to join the crate of failed formats.

I was and am very fond of Sony MiniDisc.  It’s still my favorite digital recording medium, largely due to the sophisticated editing capabilities.  But – there are certainly no new pre-recorded MD’s anymore – even the black discs are getting tough to source locally.

Cassettes had a stellar run, didn’t they?But it seems to be a doomed format now, with no more car decks, and even the mighty Walkman is now a museum curio (I bet they still sell the Walkman knock-off in downtown L.A.!)  are DCC’s 100% gonzo?  I bet they are.  I do have an example of one for my format crate, however.

Laserdisc – great!  DVD – great!  Will DVD really get shunted aside in favor of BluRay?  Goodbye tape!  No more VHS. Beta, 3/4″ U-Matic – all out to pasture!  So nice to see vinyl holding it’s own – with 45, 10″, LP – but for how much longer?

Reel-to-reels, L Cassettes, Playtape, 8 track, 4 track…I say that they should bring back (or introduce) a device that records music and stores it on tape or disc, with really amazing editing possibilities, and instant access – of, wait.  They already did they with MD.

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