Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here in 5.1


Pink Floyd – “WYWH” in 5.1

“Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd has been released as a 5.1 Super Audio CD, as part of the recent “Why Pink Floyd?” campaign by EMI worldwide.  This is the second P.F. album to get the 5.1 treatment, the first obviously being “DSOTM”.

Yeah, I’ll likely cough up the $34.99 for this item, being a fan of 5.1 audio and SA-CD’s in general.  The P.F. albums I would be very interested to hear in 5.1 will likely never get released that way.

When I got my 5.1 system earlier in 2011, I was a bit surprised that the old version of the DVD of “The Wall” seemed to be in 5.1!  I vaguely remember it being rather “Quad” in the theatre, but – it’s been YEARS since I saw “The Wall” in a theatre.  And, yes, I did see “The Wall” performed on stage in Los Angeles (at the Sports Arena!).

Sure seems like there are a lot of 5.1 albums from the early-to-mid 70’s, doesn’t it?  Yes “Fragile” sounds great in 5.1; even The Moody Blues “Days Of Future Passed” had real sharp 5.1 sound – it’s a 1966 / 7 recording!

“WYWH” didn’t quite have the overkill impact that “DSOTM” had.  I remember that even when “WYWH” came out, you heard “DSOTM” blaring out of cars – and kind of like how The Beatles were a bit too popular at one point – “DSOTM” always re-charted whenever there was a new PF album being flogged.

There is additionally the added amusement of guest vocalist Roy Harper being on the single from “WYWH”, “Have A Cigar”.  Roy Harper made some pretty decent records in the ’74 – ’78 era.  This 45 was no exception.

The real question here is:  There’s no question that I will listen again to “Wish You were Here”, once the 5.1 disc arrives.  But will I give “DSOTM” another 5.1 spin, too?  Well, maybe not all of it…but I do remember “Money” being mixed pretty “hip” in 5.1!

The last album that I listened to all the way through in 5.1 was likely Caravan “In The Land of Grey and Pink”, from the “40th Anniversary” 2CD + DVD set that was released earlier this year.  That’s likely the most obscure 5.1 (rock) album that I own!  (Though goodness knows the Japanese have issued some reasonably obscure stuff, too).

And I will confess that there are two big multiple disc boxed sets that I am ‘on the fence’ about, in both cases, it’s about a 5.1 DVD-A in the $100+ box:  David Bowie “Station To Station” and the new Anniversary boxed set for Jethro Tull “Aqualung”.  In both cases, I want the 5.1 DVD-A in the $100+ box, but they are not being sold outside of the box.  Grrr.

And final 5.1 thoughts:  Mr. Fripp has issued King Crimson “Starless & Bible Black” as an Anniversary set, but…”Larks’ Tongues In Aspic” has yet to appear – I hope everything is “OK” with LTIA’s master tape(s).  I’d really like to hear that one in 5.1!

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5 Responses to Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here in 5.1

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    When my wife wanted DSOTM & WYWH for her birthday two years ago, it was the first time I’d heard these albums since the late 70s. Pink Floyd was so overplayed I really didn’t want to know. But truthfully, I’d contemplated buying WYWH when I started seeing the CD used in the mid 80s. I never quite crossed that line, though. It is my favorite of the Roger Waters era Floyd albums, and if I saw the 5.1 version cheap enough, I’d probably give it a go. If only because that material is not “played out” like DSOTM.

    I recently bought a copy of MOJO magazine [my first] that had a bonus CD with covers of both full Floyd albums just to get John Foxx + The Math’s cover of “Have A Cigar!” It’s only the 2nd cover ever for Foxx, “Ain’t Misbehavin'” being his first. Highly amusing and very adventurous!

    So the 5.1 version of “Stationtostation” is in the big toy box only eh? Can’t say I’m not interested as it’s a great album. But I can’t go $100 even though right now I’m on a Bowie trip. I was just visiting a bookstore last week and saw the Bowie keepsake issue of UNCUT. Leafing through it, I saw that it was the sequel to the wonderful “Bowie Illustrated Record” book by Charles Shaar-Murray and Roy Carr, so I easily capitulated in spite of its $17 cover price. $17 for a magazine! I’m reading it right now and it’s a great critical overview of his complete career [barring ’64-’65 misfires]. Let’s admit that its over, okay? Tonight I attend the only [one night] showing of the 35mm new print reissue of “The Man Who Fell To Earth,”in the entire state! So yeah, Bowie is at the forefront right now!

    I’m for any and all King Crimson albums in 5.1, save for the frightful “Islands.” “Starless + Bible Black” is my favorite of their tremendous third phase*, so one day I hope to get it. I’m most intrigued by the 5.1 of “Discipline” thought I know you don’t go there, Ron. I have enjoyed the 5.1 RM of ITCOTCK. The 2009 remix of the album was not disrespectfully unique to the original; it just gained less loss of resolution due to mixdown.

    • postpunkmonk says:

      * I forgot to include this footnote.

      King Crimson – Phase I
      ITCOTCK, In The Wake Of Poseidon, Lizard
      King Crimson – Phase II
      Islands, Earthbound
      King Crimson – Phase III
      LTIA, Starless, Red, USA
      King Crimson – Phase IV
      Discipline, Beat, Three Of A Perfect Pair
      King Crimson – Phase V
      Thrak, The ConstruKction of Light, The Power To Believe

      There is no Phase VI

  2. postpunkmonk says:

    p.s. Doesn’t it stink that the “Immersion Edition” of WYWH doesn’t have the LP on clear wax as depicted on the original cover? Didn’t we all see that wonderful image and wonder why EMI was too cheap to issue the album like that? Given all of the moolah that Floyd were making for them back then? Ah but PF did own the masters to that album after renegotiating their contract after delivering the knockout of their career, not EMI. Thus endeth the tale.

  3. ronkanefiles says:

    Yep, nothing after “Red” by K.C. for me. That’s the way it’s always been.

    P.F. have long dabbled with oddball formats: Pro-Use Jpn LP, MFSL thick LP, Quad 8, Quad LP, half-Speed mastered LP, MiniDisc etc. I am surprised that WYWH is only their 2nd SA-CD…

    • postpunkmonk says:

      While on travel to see [wait for it] David Bowie playing a thousand capacity club in Ft. Lauderdale in 1997, I found an Oz SQ Matrix Quad LP of DSOTM [complete with all extras] in an antique store for far less that it was worth. I flipped it on e[vil]bay and that paid for the travel costs! What a great Bowie concert. It was intimate enough to see him actually having a great time. They played their entire set list that night. Amazing. Mike Garson was fantastic!

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