Jimi Hendrix


Jimi Hendrix

At the end of October, the first of the DVD’s from Experience Hendrix (via Sony) rolled out:  The Dick Cavett Show (a 60 minute documentary and both of Hendrix’s appearances – with each program’s opening monologue and original commercials) and “Blue Wild Angel” aka Jimi Hendrix at the Isle of Wight August 1970 (“In it’s original sequence as filmed”, 182 minutes – with 5.1 audio no less!  (Really?)

Once Eddie Kramer got back into the fold, I was curious how the Hendrix family would proceed with his catalogue.  I got the ‘essential albums’ as Sony / Experience Hendrix CD + DVD 2010 issues (“Are You Experienced”, “Axis: Bold As Love” and “Electric Ladyland”) – all are very acceptable digital versions of those albums.  The DVD’s included feature short interviews with mostly Eddie Kramer; alas, no 5.1 mixes).

Sony meanwhile haven’t wasted much time getting other titles to market – “Hendrix In The West” (now with I believe 5 bonus tracks)…what else will they come up with?  What else does Experience Hendrix own outright?

I have owned Track Record UK LP versions of most of Hendrix’s original releases for many years now.  And I’m still working on the Track 45’s – can’t seem to find ‘em all.  Nothing beats the original UK vinyl on many of his releases.  Not all of the original 45’s ever made it to LP’s (or CD’s) – “Stone Free” in mono, for instance; the Warner / Reprise “Looney Tunes” sampler version of “Steppin’ Stone” etc.

Given the fact that there seem to be rather a lot of early 70’s titles in 5.1 audio, I am a bit surprised that Eddie Kramer hasn’t come up with decent 5.1 mixes of – at very least – “Electric Ladyland”.  To be honest, I do not recall any Hendrix ‘Quad LP’s’…

But it’s nice you can still get his best catalogue albums in 2011, no problem.

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