Time Machine 1971


Time Machine 1971

From the October issue of Strange Days Magazine in Japan!  F.Y.I., this column is written by Quoichiro Iwamoto, a man after my own heart!

August 1971 releases mentioned are:  The Beach Boys “Surf’s Up” (Reprise US LP RS 6453), Big Brother & The Holding Company “How Hard It Is” (Columbia US LP C 30738), Mahavishnu Orchestra “Inner Mounting Flame” (Columbia US LP KC 31067), Frank Zappa / Mothers Of Invention “Fillmore East, June, 1971” (Bizarre US LP MS 2042), Ten Years After “A Space In Time” (Chrysalis UK LP CHR 1001), The Who “Who’s Next” (Track Record UK LP 2408 102), The Partridge Family “Sound Magazine” (Bell US LP 6064), Gilbert O’Sullivan “Himself” (MAM UK LP SS 501) and Ramases “Space Hymns (Vertigo UK LP 6360 046).

Today, I have 4 of the 9 entries – I only posses the Zappa LP / CD, the Ten Years After LP / CD, The Who LP / CD and the oddball Ramases LP – the rest are rather out of my scope.  I remember actually hearing this Beach Boys LP at the time – with the somewhat catchy “Student Demonstration Time” song (which is rather modeled on another Lieber-Stoller song), but – upon finding out it was a group that I had always avoided…never went for any of the post-Janis Joplin Big Brother albums either – I just couldn’t see the point (kind of similar to a post-Jim Morrison Doors album?)  I did buy the Mahavishnu Orchestra LP at the time (I must’ve found it used) – but…it didn’t stick, I got rid of it quickly.  European musicians were so much more interesting to me, then.

I probably watched a few episodes of The Partridge Family the first time they were broadcast, but – as I had shunned The Monkees previously, I never went for any Partridge Family LP’s – again, I just didn’t ‘get’ David Cassidy – and who knows who played on the Partridge Family LP’s?  Not me, most certainly.  I first heard of Gilbert O’Sullivan via the AM radio, which played the hell out of “Alone Again Naturally” etc.  So, I was not the intended audience of Gilby – though I will confess to being very fond of “Nothing Rhymed” and “Get Down” – I own a Gilby “Best of” in two differing formats (LP / CD).  He’s still alive and about, eh?

This wasn’t the first Flo & Eddie – Zappa LP, so I had been prepared.  I believe I got this album on my birthday in 1971, so – adult material for the 13-year old me.  I had been a TYA fan, but both this LP (and CD) came years later for me – other fish to fry in 1971, though I did really like the “I’d Love To Change The World” 45 from this album.  Got the LP by The Who almost as a matter of course – I would’ve bought whatever they released at that time.  I do like “Who’s Next”, too!  Ah, the Ramases LP – obtained originally because it was on the then-fading Vertigo UK record label, and it had a groovy fold-out cover, making a 2’ x 3’ poster!  At that time, 10cc meant nothing to me, though when the Ramases LP got re-issued in ’76 or so – they had “10cc” stickers made for the cover – indeed, the CD booklet says “all members of 10cc” printed right on the front.  I’ll not re-tell the Ramases story here, but it’s an odd one – was he South African?  Or from someplace in England?  Or was he a star child, not of this Earth?  That LP certainly posed more questions than it answered…

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  1. Brian Ware says:

    I wasn’t totally onboard with the Mahavishnu Orchestra in 1971, but man, I was all over 1973’s “Birds Of Fire”. At sixteen, I was a bit young to really appreciate their unique brand of fusion, but having seen them on Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert and then twice live within the next two years, I had a brief but passionate fling with this band.

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