Still here

Yes, I am still here.

My left wrist has been really sore lately, so have not been writing much new stuff.  I went to the Dr. and it’s not ‘carpal tunnel’ (that’s on the bottom, and it’s the top of my left wrist that hurts).  I go to a “hand specialist” in about 4 weeks, couldn’t get a sooner appt.

If you’re in L.A., contact me about Dorothy’s birthday; we’re having an event on Sunday 11/13/11.

Been listening to a lot of Frank Zappa lately – to nobody’s surprise.  I got the 3CD “Hammersmith Odeon” set and was quite impressed.  I sincerely hope the ZFT continues issuing whole shows on CD – or that they trot out some more “Quad mixes”, as we know they did both “Overnight Sensation” and “Apostrophe'” as quad releases, in the 70’s.

I am preparing a list of every music purchase I’ve made ever since standardizing my lists – roughly August 2002.  If you’d like to see this list, email me, and I can send it to you – in either Word or Excel.  It’s been a boatload of fun adjusting everything to sort correctly.

45’s are the true way.  I have learned so much from 45’s over the last few years!  Stuff LP’s or CD’s have never told me.  i wish I had paid better attention at the time.

Is everybody liking the 1971 entries?  Alas, I do not have a full set of 1972 entries – for some reason, my list-keeping got interrupted for a reason now long lost to time.  But there is some cool 1972 info coming up near year!  And I am sure Strange Days magazine (in Japan) will continue to do their “Time Machine” 40 year series.


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