Thunderclap Newman

10-26-11                Thunderclap Newman

I have long been a fan of the 1970 LP by Thunderclap Newman, “A Hollywood Dream”.  Songwriter John Keen, piano player Andy Newman and guitarist Jimmy McCullough.           Their delightful LP was produced by Pete Townshend.  Even if you’re only a casual listener to the radio, you must’ve heard “Something In The Air’ at some point.

After Thunderclap Newman, McCullough went to several other groups, most notably Paul McCartney & Wings.  John Keen released several solo albums and eventually produced records for Motorhead and Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers.  Andy Newman appeared on a Roger Ruskin-Spear solo LP and made a delightful solo album himself in 1972, “Rainbow”.

McCullough died in 1979 in England, having been fired from Wings.  Keen died in 2002.  Andy Newman is still alive, and came up with “Beyond Hollywood” in 2010.  What is it, exactly?  7 live recordings of somewhat recent vintage and 3 new studio recordings – I looked at a track listing on, and I recognized all of the titles.  I know that someone in England re-activated the Track Record name, so I suppose it’s fitting for a re-formed TCN (minus Keen and McCullough) to be on Track Record.

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