The Necks


The Necks

Australian band The Necks came and played L.A. recently, but – due to circumstances beyond my control – I had to miss the show.  However, my friend Joe Castle went and bought me $100 worth of Necks CD’s (and an LP) that I didn’t already have.  So, am I really only missing one Necks album?  (“Piano Bass Drums”)

CD                AETHER                                                                 ReR US                      ReRNECKS 2

2001 1 TRK (63:50)

CD                AQUATIC                                                                FISH OF MILK AUS   FOM 0002

1994 2 TRKS


2002 4 TRKS 4CD boxed set

CD                BOYS, THE (O.S.T.)                                              ReR US                      ReRNECKS 4

2004 7 TRKS

CD                CHEMIST                                                                ReR US                      ReRNECKS 7

2006 3 TRKS

CD                DRIVE BY                                                               ReR US                      ReRNECKS 3

2003 1 TRK (60:17)

CD                HANGING GARDENS                                          ReR US                      ReRNECKS 1

1999 1 TRK (60:30)

CD                MINDSET                                                                ReR US                      ReRNECKS 10

2011 2 TRKS (21:48; 21:36)

LP                MINDSET                                                                ReR US                      ReRNECKS V10

2011 2 TRKS (21:48; 21:36)

CD                NEXT                                                                       SPIRAL SCR             4

1990 6 TRKS

CD                PHOTOSYNTHETIC                                             LONG ARMS              CDLA 03053

2002 1 TRK (42:22)

CDx2           SEE THROUGH / MOSQUITO                            ReR US                      ReRNECKS 4/5

2004 2 TRKS

CD                SEX                                                                          SPIRAL SCR             2

1989 1 TRK

CDx2           SILENT NIGHT                                                      FISH OF MILK AUS   FOM 0004

1996 2 TRKS (63:29; 53:51)

CD                SILVERWATER                                                     ReR US                      ReRNECKS 9

2009 1 TRK (67:15)

CD                TOWNSVILLE                                                        ReR US                      ReRNECKS 8

2007 1 TRK (53:41)

I first heard The Necks shortly after their debut album, “Sex”, came out, around 1991 or so.  The guy who turned me on to The Necks was disappointed that “Next” (their 2nd album) had more than one song on it!

Some might call it ‘process music’, but actually I think it a bit closer to consider this music improvised jazz – usually played rather slowly.  I did get to see The Necks at the Redcat in Los Angeles in 2009 – it was an amazing thing to behold.  My GF recently said to me, “I fell asleep at that show!” – but she was willing to give it another shot – alas, “due to circumstances beyond my control” – this month’s show was a no-go for us.

When you’re ready for a change of pace – please consider The Necks.  It’s peaceful, but at the same time…there is an intensity to the perceived repetition that is present… you have to love a band that has a 4CD boxed set that only has 4 songs on it!

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