Irmin Schmidt


Irmin Schmidt

The keyboard player of Can.

LP                TOY PLANET (with Bruno Spoerri)                                                SPOON DE       SPOON 011

1980 7 TRKS

CD                TOY PLANET (with Bruno Spoerri)                                                VIRGIN VE UK  CDVE 48

1980 7 TRKS (’90 issue)

LP                FILMMUSIK Vol. 1                                                                             SPOON DE       SPOON 003

1981 8 TRKS

LP                FILMMUSIK Vol. 2                                                                             SPOON DE       SPOON 013

1981 8 TRKS

LP                ROTE ERDE (O.S.T.)                                                                       TELDEC DE      6.25687 AP

1983 11 TRKS O.S.T.

LPx2            FILMMUSIK Vol. 3 & 4                                                                      SPOON DE       SPOON 018/19

1983 12 TRKS I played this one the most, at the time

12″               YOU MAKE ME NERVOUS                                                              SPOON DE       SPOON 1984

1984 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

12″               KEINE SCHOENER LA LA (as “Herr Schmidt”)                          VIRGIN DE        602.047-213

1985 4 TRKS with pic sleeve; I found out about this about a decade after it was released!

7″                 ROLL ON, EUPHRATES / YOU MAKE ME NERVOUS (PS)      WEA DE             248579-7

1986 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

LP                MUSK AT DUSK                                                                                WEA DE             242010.1

1987 7 TRKS

CD                MUSK AT DUSK                                                                                MUTE UK           IRMIN 1CD

1987 7 TRKS (’92 issue)

CD                FILMMUSIK Vol. 5 (“Reporter” O.S.T.)                                           VIRGIN DE        259.919

1989 8 TRKS

CD5              LE WEEKEND promo                                                                      WEA DE             PRO 615

1991 2 TRK CD Single CD5, promo

CD                IMPOSSIBLE HOLIDAYS                                                                 WEA DE             9031-72220.2

1991 7 TRKS Played this incessantly, on my ’91 – ’92 trips to Europe

CDx3           ANTHOLOGY – SOUNDTRACKS ’78 – ’93 (3CD)                        SPOON DE       CD 32/33/34

1993 44 TRKS (’78 – ’93 O.S.T. recordings) Unfortunately, they shuffled the tracks from the original LP’s

CD                GORMENGHAST                                                                              SPOON DE       SPOON 44

2000 11 TRKS CD-only release?

CD                MASTERS OF CONFUSION (With Kumo)                                   SPOON DE       SPOON 45

2001 8 TRKS CD-only release?

CD                AXOLOTL EYES (with Kumo) (CD + DVD)                                   MUTE US           9391.2

2008 7 TRKS + DVD, CD-only release?

CDx2           FILMMUSIK ANTHOLOGY Vol. 4 & 5                                             SPOON DE       CDSPOON 52/53

2009 33 TRKS CD-only release?

Through most of the 1980’s, Can was either dormant or in a state of flux – Irmin Schmidt released recordings regularly throughout the 1980’s – uneven, to be sure, but usually pretty good stuff.  The best things here are the volumes of “Film Musik”, particularly Volumes 3 & 4.  “You Make Me Nervous”, “Mary In A Coma” etc.  I couldn’t find “Musk At Dusk” on CD at the time, hence my having a Mute Records re-issue CD (but I did find the original WEA Germany LP).  I was in Europe for the ’91 release of “Impossible Holidays”, but, sadly, I wasn’t buying LP’s much at the time.  I recently recommended the 3CD “Anthology” (of Film Musik) to a friend of mine, upon seeing an inexpensive used copy.

Still working on “Gormenghast”, “Masters Of Confusion” and “Axolotl Eyes” – but I tore right into his 2009 “Film Musik Anthology Vol. 4 & 5”!  Still great stuff!

Track listing to Vol. 3 pictured above!


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2 Responses to Irmin Schmidt

  1. Bob Gaulke says:

    …what a brilliant vocal on “You Make Me Nervous”.

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    Yeah, a great album!

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