Curved Air


Curved Air

As far as I am concerned, the sole reason anybody ever heard of Curved Air was because their debut album was initially issued in the UK as a lovely picture disc LP.

CD                AIR CONDITIONING                               LINE DE               LECD 9.01023 0

1970 10 TRKS 1st

LP                AIR CONDITIONING                               WARNER US       WS 1903

1970 10 TRKS 1st

LP                AIR CONDITIONING black vinyl            WARNER UK       WSX 3012

1970 10 TRKS 1st original UK black vinyl disc

LP                AIR CONDITIONING pic disc                WARNER UK       WSX 3012

1970 10 TRKS 2st original UK pic disc

LP                AIR CUT                                                    WARNER DE       WB 46224

1973 8 TRKS 4th

CD                AIR CUT (Kami)                                       M2U KR                M2U-2005

1973 8 TRKS 4th (’07 issue?) kami sleeve, poster (Korean copy)

7″                 BACK STREET LUV / EVERDANCE    WARNER UK       K 16092

1971 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

LP                BEST OF                                                   WARNER UK       K 36015

1976 8 TRKS Collection

7″                 IT HAPPENED TODAY (EP)                  WARNER UK       WB 8023

1971 3 TRKS no pic sleeve

LP                LOVECHILD                                             ESSENTIAL UK   ESSLP 024

1990 8 TRKS (’73 recording)

CD                PHANTASMAGORIA                                WARNER JPN     WPCP-4224

1972 9 TRKS 3rd

LP                PHANTASMAGORIA                                WARNER UK       K 46158

1972 9 TRKS 3rd, insert

CD                SECOND ALBUM                                    WARNER JPN     WPCP-4223

1971 8 TRKS 2nd

LP                SECOND ALBUM                                    WARNER UK       K 46092

1972 8 TRKS 2nd, gimmix cover

I most certainly first heard them on a Warner Brothers loss leader sampler LP, with the cut “It Happened Today” – which I still rather enjoy.

I bought the first 3 albums as they came out – always making sure to get British copies.  All three had US releases via Warner Brothers, but…you know what I’m talking about.  The UK 2nd album had a glorious gimmick cover, many folds of thick paper, an LP hidden inside somewhere.  I lucked out and got the glorious picture disc for their debut album – it is still one of the most astonishing looking albums I’ve ever seen.

But it’s the 3rd album that always seem to capture my fancy, “Phantasmagoria” – is it true that The Damned named their album after the Curved Air LP?  I bet it is!

And I do have solo albums by Curved Air members Sonja Kristina, Francis Monkman and Darryl Way.  And the UK WB 45’s weren’t exactly too easy to come across, I must say.  Gotta have the “Best Of” WB UK LP from 1976, too!

So, “Lovechild” (1990) is meant to have been recorded right after “Air Cut” (1973).  I’ll have to play it one of these days…and find out…

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4 Responses to Curved Air

  1. davidz29 says:

    I didn’t know Francis Monkman was in Curved Air. I knew him from the “801 Live” album (and maybe Quiet Sun before that?). I still love that album.

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    Yes, sir! He’s all over at least the first 3 x Curved Air LP’s!

  3. postpunkmonk says:

    I’ve never heard Curved Air but I used to have a Darryl Way album from ’87, “The Human Condition.” I just picked it up because it was modern classical. Where did my copy go? I don’t know.

  4. adubcheck67 says:

    Air Conditioning hasn’t only a great cover, it has a very good content 🙂

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