Time Machine 1971


Time Machine 1971

Phonolog Reports – New Releases

Week of October 11, 1971

Caught my eye:

COLOSSEUM – Live (Warner / Bronze XS-1942) (LP/CD)

CRABBY APPLETON – Rotten To The Core (Elektra EKS-74106)

JOHN ENTWISTLE – Smash You Head Against The Wall (Decca DL 79183) (LP/CD)

CYRUS FARYAR – Cyrus (Elektra EKS-74105) (LP/CD)

BERT JANSCH – Rosemary Lane (Reprise RS 645)

QUIVER (Warner WS 1939)

SANTANA – aka “Santana 3” (Columbia KC-30595) (LP/CD)

T. REX – Electric Warrior (Reprise RS 6466) (LP/CD)

The swansong from Colosseum, I love it.  I missed Crabby Appleton first time around.  This John Entwistle is my favorite record in the entire canon of work of The Who.  I loved Cyrus Faryar on “Cosmic Sounds Of The Zodiac”!  I have tons of Bert Jansch Transatlantic records…I remember finding a 99 cent copy of Quiver.  Santana was in the air.  I heard “Mambo Sun” from “Electric Warrior” and knew I needed it.

Also of interest:

THE STAMPEDERS – Against The Grain (Bell 6068)

THREE DOG NIGHT – Harmony (Dunhill DSX-50108)

DAVY JONES (Bell 6067)

WES MONTGOMERY – Just Walkin’ (Verve V6-8804)

BEACH BOYS – Pet Sounds (Capitol ST-2458) re-issue

VAN MORRISON – Tupelo Honey (Warner 1950)

BRIDGET ST. JOHN – Songs For The Gentle Man (Elektra EKS-74104) (LP)

Stampeders were Canadian, right?  “Sweet City Woman”, right?  More TDN.  Monkee Davy.  Posthumous Wes M.  Why is “Pet Sounds” on a 1971 release schedule?  Van Morrison, after “Moondance”.  This Bridget St. John LP is produced by Ron Geesin.

Notable singles:

JIMI HENDRIX – Dolly Dagger b/w Star Spangled Banner (Reprise 1044)

MICKEY DOLENZ – Easy On You b/w Oh Someone (MGM K-14309)

SANTANA – Everybody’s Everything b/w Guajira (Columbia 4-45472)

JOHN LENNON – Imagine b/w It’s So Hard (Apple 1840)

Jimi’s 45 from “Rainbow Bridge”; More Monkee shenanigans; the single from “Santana 3” and big time legendary John Lennon 45, at the time of it’s release (too bad he didn’t seem to believe in B-Sides, “It’s So Hard is on the “Imagine” LP).

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One Response to Time Machine 1971

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    The Stampeders were indeed from Calgary, hence their name. “Sweet City Woman” was one of the songs I remember when I discovered top 40 radio in LA in 2nd grade [KHJ! Boss Radio!]. Prior to the bestowment of an old transistor radio that year, the only music I heard was whatever my dad played: Al Martino, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and pop [AC] radio. The first pop song I really remember noticing was “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” by Frankie Valli. I thought it was called “I Love You Baby” as I was four at the time. Can’t say i ever liked it until the Pet Shop Boys covered it.

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