The Flying Lizards


The Flying Lizards

Finally found an LP for the 2nd Virgin Records Flying Lizards album, “Fourth Wall”!

LP                FLYING LIZARDS, THE (1979)                                    VIRGIN CAN     V 2150

1979 10 TRKS Canadian vers. (cover variant, songs are the same)

LP                FLYING LIZARDS, THE (1979)                                    VIRGIN US        VA 13137

1979 10 TRKS

CDx2           FLYING LIZARDS, THE (1979) / FOURTH WALL     RPM UK            RETRO D883

1979/81 31 TRKS (’10 issue)

LP                FOURTH WALL                                                              VIRGIN JPN      VIP-6979

1981 12 TRKS with insert, promo

7″                 HANDS 2 TAKE (PS)                                                     VIRGIN UK        VS 392

1981 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

7″                 MONEY (PS)                                                                    VIRGIN UK        VS 276

1979 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


1995 11 TRKS (’03 issue) (2 x bonus tracks)

7″                 SUMMERTIME BLUES (PS)                                         VIRGIN UK        VS 230

1978 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

CD                TOP TEN                                                                          STATIK UK        CDST 20

1985 11 TRKS David Cunningham

7″                 TV / TUBE                                                                        VIRGIN US        VA 67006

1979 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

I remember some people being really excited by the prospect of an LP from The Flying Lizards, but I was never particularly impressed with their alterna-hit “Money”.  There were definitely things on their debut LP that were more interesting to me.

Probably the oddest aspect to The Flying Lizards was that David Cunningham’s friend Michael Nyman appears!  Trainspotters take note:  Robert Fripp is on “Fourth Wall”!

In 2010, RPM Records in England took care of the majority of Flying Lizards fans by issuing a 2CD set that was both of their Virgin albums and a bunch of non-LP singles.  Of course, I had a Japanese CD of the Flying Lizards debut album already.

And before the advent of the 2CD set, Caroline Distribution in the US was offering up both Virgin albums for downloading!  Ah, ha!  I found ‘test pressing’ CD-R’s of both albums for sale in a used CD store in L.A.!  No cover art, but – nice, clean transfers.

…and my memory leads me to “Top Ten”, where Mr. Cunningham returns to the kooky-kover-version formula.  I only found out about the final Flying Lizards effort by reading about it on-line (so it’s gotta be true!).  A used copy turned up in San Francisco.  No, it’s not really a new Flying Lizards album, but…it’s mono dub reggae tracks remixed by David Cunningham – into stereo.

There’s also a few music videos clips by The Flying Lizards in my digital collection – “Money”, “TV” (both 1979) and “Dizzy Miss Lizzy” (1985).  But it took finding an actual physical original copy of the 2nd album for me to begin to feel good about my own Flying Lizards collection.

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