Time Machine 1971


Time Machine 1971

From the September issue of “Strange Days Magazine in Japan!  F.Y.I., this column is written by Quoichiro Iwamoto, a man after my own heart!

July 1971 releases mentioned are:

Gentle Giant – “Acquiring The Taste” (Vertigo UK LP 6360 041); Black Sabbath – “Master Of Reality” (Vertigo UK LP 6360 050); The Moody Blues – Every Good Boy Deserves Favour (Threshold UK LP THS 5); Peter Hammill – “Fool’s Mate” (Charisma UK LP CAS 1037); McGuinessFlint – “Happy Birthday Ruthie Baby” (Capitol UK LP ST-22794); Jack Bruce – “Harmony Row” (Polydor UK LP 2310 107); Donovan “H.M.S. Donovan” (Dawn UK 2LP set DNLD 4001); Atomic Rooster – “In Hearing Of…” (Pegasus UK LP PEG 1); and East Of Eden – “East Of Eden” (Harvest UK LP SHVL 792) – today, I have 6 of the 9 titles – I am missing the Gentle Giant, the Atomic Rooster and the post-Deram East of Eden LP’s.  I own LP’s and CD’s of all other titles.

I picked up on Gentle Giant at the time of “Octopus”, so I never heard anything that came before until many years later – and I am not at all certain that I ever heard “Acquiring The Taste”!  I kind of knew to stay away from the Atomic Rooster LP – I didn’t particularly care for what vocalist Chris Farlowe had brought to Colosseum, so, I knew that Iikely I wouldn’t care for what he would do in Atomic Rooster!  And I just wasn’t sure about East of Eden, after they jumped ship from Deram…though at least one friend of mine just swears by the latter day East of Eden titles!

I got Black Sabbath “Master of Reality” literally as soon as copies were impprted here from England – glossy Vertigo original with a poster, flaps on the cover, so the LP went in and out of the top of the cover, not the side.  Great heavy music, folks!  Another friend of mine has a promo copy of this LP, with a timing strip that has all the sub-sections of the songs actually named!  This was probably the first BS album that I got a chance to buy as a new release.

I had been all over The Moody Blues “ A Question of Balance” – having a UK copy with yet another “flap cover” – but I did not jump on “EGBDF” straight away – for one thing, I waited for a UK copy to show up!  In 2011, I have an SA-CD of this title, as well as several different original LP’s.

The Peter Hammill came out in the US, but probably not in 1971 – and, yes, I knew he was the singer of Van Der Graaf Generator!  So, I hopped on that one right away.  I had really liked the McGuinness-Flint song that I heard on the radio, so I got that as soon as I saw an inexpensive copy.  My initial purchase of Jack Bruce’s solo album “Harmony Row” was a US Atco LP – it’s one of my favorites of his solo works.

And dear old Donovan has a double LP that did not see a U.S. release, at that time.  All one could get was the expensive UK 2LP version.  Never saw any variants, either – and I don’t know if it’s properly on CD as of 2011.  I remain a Donovan fan!

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