Time Machine 1971


Time Machine 1971

From the August 2011 issue of “Strange Days Magazine in Japan!  Certainly going with more US titles than UK titles today.

June 1971 releases mentioned are:

Todd Rundgren “The Ballad of Todd Rundgren” (Ampex US LP A-10116); The Byrds “Byrdmaniax” (Columbia US LP KC 30640); Al Kooper “New York City (You’re A Woman” (Columbia US LP C 30506); Joni Mitchell “Blue” (Reprise US LP MS 2038); Stephen Stills “Stephen Stills 2” (Atlantic US LP SD 7206); Fairport Convention “Angel Delight” (Island UK LP ILPS 9162); Supertramp “Indelibly Stamped” (A&M UK LP AMLH 64306); Budgie self-titled debut album (MCA UK LP MCF 2506); and Grin self-titled debut album (Spindizzy / Columbia US LP Z 30321).

Today, I have only 3 of the 9 titles (Al Kooper, Joni Mitchell and Stephen Stills).  I like the Todd Rundgren (as “Runt”) 45 “We Gotta Get You A Woman”, but I’m afraid that’s about the beginning and of my interest in his solo material.  Nazz I’m OK with, and I like quite a few records that Todd R. has produced.  I was never particularly into The Byrds, so I definitely never followed them into the 1970’s.  For Fairport Convention, the earlier the better, as far as I am concerned – but I bet I’d snap up a UK LP of “Angel Delight” if it crossed my path.  Again, never really did Supertramp – and I know “Indelibly Stamped” is not even really in the style that they pursued.  There’s a nice non-LP single by them, “Land Ho”, from shortly after this era that I kind of like, but…

Budgie, the Welsh power trio!  I never did them at the time, but I do have the patience for some of their mid-70’s titles, notably “If I Were Brittania, I’d Waive The Rules” (A&M UK LP).  Grin = Nils Lofgren, not on my radar.

I have several different copies of the 2nd solo album by Steve Stills.  I am a fan of his debut solo album, very much so.  Some of my best friends recommended Joni Mitchell to me, and I duly obtained an LP of “Blue”, but I cannot distinguish it from any other earlier work of hers.  Probably my favorite of the 3 that I own today is the Al Kooper LP.

For some miraculous reason, Al Kooper started playing solo shows at McCabe’s Guitar Shop in Santa Monica, CA a few years ago.  Al is very talented, extremely funny, and well worth your time – go and see him play live, if you ever get the chance.  I got a paper sleeve CD for this Al Kooper album on my 2007 trip to Japan, and I’ve played it a few times since then.

The single from this album is “Oo Wee Baby, I Love You / Love Is A Man’s Best Friend”, but I certainly never heard it on the radio – yet I found an inexpensive copy of it decades later!  This album was recorded at “Arm’s length” in London, England at Trident Studios and in Los Angeles at Columbia Studios.  In the liner notes, Al alludes that he “borrowed” a mellotron from the British heavy-weight mellotron band Spring!

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