The Selecter


The Selecter

Are they still together? Not sure – maybe.

Did you ever see them play live?  Yes, once.  Long ago.

Anything you want / need by them?  Their 2nd album on CD?

You really should own / hear:

  1. Too Much Pressure (1980)
  2. Celebrate The Bullet (1981)

I particularly like their singles – “On My Radio”, “Missing Words” etc.  An extremely high standard of pop music writing in this band, I think.

Unless my memory is particularly faulty, The Selecter were among the last of the British ska bands of the class of ’79 / ’80 to have an album released.  Or maybe I just got it a bit later on?  “Too Much Pressure” got an awful lot of play around here when it was a new release.  “James Bond” is such a great track, played in their inimitable style.

A not-yet-existing Selecter shared the debut Specials 45, “Gangsters”, circa ’79.  My brain contains a memory of standing in a Woolworth’s on Oxford Street, staring up at a TV playing a music video for “Missing Words”, either in the fall of ’79 or summer of ’80.

I might’ve tried the first of the Pauline Black solo records, but didn’t keep up with any thereafter.

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2 Responses to The Selecter

  1. davidz29 says:

    For some reason, The Selecter never got to me the way The Specials or The English Beat did at the time. Still not sure why. Maybe I need to revisit them.

  2. Ron Kane says:

    Find an inexpensive used LP of “Too Much Pressure”; a US copy may be preferable, as I do not know which singles are on the UK version. Great singles band!

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