The Specials


The Specials

Are they still together? I don’t think so.  Perhaps minus Jerry Dammers?

Did you ever see them play live?  Yes, once.  Long ago.  (I think…)

Anything you want / need by them? Maybe some UK 7” singles.

You really should own / hear:

  1. The Specials (1980)
  2. More Specials (1980)
  3. Singles Collection (1991)

Coventry’s finest!  I heard the debut album under reasonably unusual circumstances – in France.  Love the singles.  I believe I saw them live years ago, but…am I confusing myself with the many live videos I have seen by The Specials.  Madness – definitely,  but did I go back and see The Specials too?  And it never mattered to me that their debut LP was produced by Elvis Costello – I know that mattered to some people at the time.

What a crime that there isn’t a whole album to go with “Ghost Town”, eh?  All 3 tracks of that 12” single are on the “Singles Collection”, which I highly recommend.

I did try to follow Terry Hall, through Fun Boy Three to Colourfield to Terry, Blair & Anouchka.  I certainly kept a career-spanning compilation CD on him that I found.  I sold a CD original copy of the Terry, Blair & Anouchka album for a lot of money, a while back – I guess it wasn’t so widely distributed?

I got the 2CD Two Tone collection a while back, and was surprised at how good a lot of the stuff they released was – I guess Jerry Dammers had pretty good taste, when it came to who to sign / produce etc.  But for me, The Specials were the best artist on Two Tone.

Side Two of “More Specials” was also a bit perplexing at the time – “Easy Listening” Specials?  But Side One was amazing.  And fairly easy to go for all of the debut album, despite the ‘thin’ sound.

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2 Responses to The Specials

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    As I recall, the “MORe Specials” album had a sticker in the UK that covered the “e” in “more” thus making the visual pun complete.

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    That’s what happened, as I recall, M.O.R. Specials…

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