Time Machine 1971


Time Machine

Phonolog Reports – New Releases

Week of September 27, 1971

Caught my eye:

FLOYD CRAMER – Class of ’71 (RCA LSP-4590) (LP)

ARCHIE CAMPBELL – Didn’t He Shine (RCA LSP-4582)

DR. JOHN – Night Tripper (Atco SD 33-362) (CD)

SPIKE JONES – Is Murdering The Classics (RCA Victor LSC-3235)

Classy C&W EZ from Mr, Floyd Cramer (he did these volumes for nearly a decade, from ’65 to ’75).  Is this an Archie Campbell LP of songs or comedy bits?  Aah, Dr. John!  And a decent RCA (Classical?!) re-issue collection LP for Mr. Spike Jones.

Also of interest:

DON McLEAN – American Pie (U.A. UAS 5535)

NEIL SEDAKA – Emergence (Kirshner 111)

YOKO ONO – Fly (Apple SVBB-3380)

JACKSON FIVE – Goin’ Back To Indiana (Motown 742)

STRING CHEESE (Wooden Nickel 1001) (LP)

Don McLean – making people regret karaoke each and every night of the week.  Must be the actual first Neil Sedaka come-back album?  (I never knew he worked with 10cc!).  The “out / avant” noise of Ms. Yoko Ono.  Mainstream R&B from the J5 – and hands up who remembers what’s noteworthy about ‘String Cheese’?  Violinist Greg Bloch later joined P.F.M.!

Notable singles:

THE BAND – Carnival b/w The Moon Struck One (Capitol 3199)

DELANEY & BONNIE – Only You Know and I Know (Atco 6838)

FIVE MAN ELECTRICAL BAND – Absolutely Right b/w Butterfly (You & I)(Lionel 3220)

LINDISFARNE – Lady Eleanor b/w Down (Elektra 45744)

Delaney & Bonnie cover Dave Mason; I think I remember this F.M.E.B. single – but this and “Signs” hardly make a strong chart showing; the U.S. debut single from Alan Hull & Co. – Lindisfarne – as licensed from Charisma Records, England (I believe that in the UK, this single was a 3-track EP!).  And a 45 by The Band that I never heard at the time!

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3 Responses to Time Machine 1971

  1. David Z says:

    A most interesting line-up. I must admit that “Absolutely Right” was one of my favorite songs of that time period. It still sounds great on a 45!

  2. Márcia Goulart de Carvalho Moreira says:

    Hello, I’d like download the album “Floyd Cramer Plays Mac Arthur Park” – 1968.
    Where find it?
    Please, help me to find it.
    Thank you very much.

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