Playlist #177 – dated 9/12/11


I’m at about the ¾ mark in assembling my last two years’ worth of Playlists.  From roughly ’07 to ’09, I did approx. 100 Playlists and it yielded about 2,100 songs – so I started over in October 2009, without regard to the ’07 – ’09 list.

About the beginning of September ’11, I finished up Playlists #175, #176 & #177 – covering just a little under 2 years worth of home listening – approx. 1,600 songs.

Upon discovering that I have a rather large collection of music at my disposal, for some reason people are inclined to ask: “Do you listen to your collection?” – Yes, I do.  And these Playlists are the detailing of that process.

Simply, I usually pick either vinyl or CD’s, and I sit down and listen to enough material to fill either a 74 minute or 80 minute MiniDisc.  This means I am listening on the stereo that I am used to.  I’m not up and running around while I am listening, I am sitting and listening (usually trying to decide ‘what to play next’).  If it’s vinyl, I must edit the MD after I am finished, to make the track access points “even” – with CD’s this is unnecessary (except in certain cases where I only want to access a track from a specific point).  I write down a list of what I listened to, then type it up, where it can be dumped into a spread sheet – to be collated.

I used to have an MD player in my car, but this has not been the case over the last nearly three years, since the advent of my Suzuki SX-4, which had a CD player in it.  So, my MD preparation is usually relegated to my main listening room – but I can listen on my portable MD player, or at the GF’s home.

I should probably synch the Playlists to my “Music Purchases” lists!  That would be interesting!  What did I listen to vs. what did I buy?  (Or not).  Both the Playlists and Music Purchases are dated (on their individual sheets), so it could be done!

Perhaps when my 2nd set of Playlists is ‘concluded’ and collated, I should merge this spread sheet with the previous ’07 – ’09 spread sheet – I bet there would be quite a few Playlist duplications!

It’s a big job listening to a large-ish music archive, but this is the ongoing process that I am engaged in.  For what it’s worth, my intake of Music Purchases has declined every year for the last 4 or 5 years.  Trends in this time period have been a) acquisition of SA-CD’s & DVD-A’s and b) a return to 45 collecting – so item types at both ends of the cost spectrum!

I listen to music, rather than watch TV.  If anybody would like to see either of my Playlist spread sheets (’07 – ’09 or the incomplete ’09 to present), drop me a line – it’s way too big to post here.

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3 Responses to Playlists

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    That’s a good playlist. I see you couldn’t stay away from “Dandelion.” I’m just getting ready to head out to a show and I think my car music is going to be The Nice as I now need to hear “Flower King Of Flies,” one of my heavy psych favorites from The Nice! How I envy your ability to listen to music unencumbered for 90-120 minutes a night! I’m insanely lucky to eke out 40 minutes and that usually nets me 3-4 tracks from 12″ singles. If I’m lucky.

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    I have a lot of time for “Dandelion”; just finished Keith Richards’ book, too.

    • postpunkmonk says:

      “She’s A Rainbow” is my favorite single from “Their Satanic Majesties Request.” That’s an album I have no problem with, unlike many. But “Dandelion” is a great single too.

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