Are they still together? I think so.

Did you ever see them play live? Yes, once.  Whisky a-go-go.  Long ago.

Anything you want / need by them?  Maybe some UK Stiff 7” singles.

You really should own / hear:

  1. Once Step Beyond (1979)
  2. Absolutely (1980)
  3. 7 (1981)

As far as I know, they didn’t come back – after their Whisky-a-go-go ’79 / ’80 debut.  I had heard “Night Boat To Cairo” in London, England the previous fall of ’79 (I’d actually written it down on the back of my hand, after hearing it in an Oxford Street record store – which one?), so I knew I had to see them.  Their film “Take it Or Leave It” is absolutely wonderful.  Their many music videos are all fairly watch-able.  They have dozens of UK singles, many of which are quite good.  Particularly their first two albums are excellent.

They were much more popular in England than they ever were here.  They didn’t ever really get over-played here, I must confess.  So, I continued to listen.  I heard the first of their re-formation albums, and it wasn’t bad – missed the second re-formation album, though.

Though they initially wore ska clothing – they quickly morph’d into a British 80’s pop band – in the charts and everything.  And no worse for it.  If you ever have the chance to see their film, “Take It Or Leave It” – please see it – very funny stuff!

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