The Monochrome Set


The Monochrome Set

Are they still together? Not as such.  Bid mostly works as “Scarlett’s Well”

Did you ever see them play live? Yes, Bid played solo shows in L.A. not that long ago.

Anything you want / need by them?  Maybe some Japanese LP’s or possibly audiophile editions of their albums.

You really should own / hear:

  1. Strange Boutique (1980)
  2. Love Zombies (1980)
  3. Eligible Bachelors (1982)
  4. The Lost Weekend (1984)

Gosh, I didn’t care much at all when this stuff was first released!  I remember getting the first two albums, and then not thinking much about ‘em, so they got ditched pretty quickly.  Perhaps I was distracted by my then-newfound interest in New Zealand (circa 1980/1)?

Flash forward to the mid-90’s, and Cherry Red CD compilations started turning up locally.  “He’s Frank (Slight Return)” is a truly devastating slice of 1979 to behold.  Hey, I can listen to this stuff now!  And listen I did for several years, towards the end of the 90’s.  How did I not see it in 1980/1?

So many paths to travel down in the 1980’s!  Who was I around?  How active was my own band?  Do I remember why I didn’t take more time with The Monochrome Set?  Too clever?  Or was it merely the crime of being “British” – when I wanted everything to be non-English language…or from New Zealand?

Bid was a nice guy to meet, here in Los Angeles.  He signed everything I asked him to sign and was a nice, polite gentlemen.  I saw him perform live two times, with the first show being a bit better than the 2nd show.  I understand fully why he’s ‘big in Japan’.

There is a wonderful CD that is the first two albums on a single CD.  I can’t recommend it highly enough: “Tomorrow Will Be Too Long”.

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