A Certain Ratio


A Certain Ratio

Are they still together? Yes.  ACR MCR.

Did you ever see them play live?  Yes, once.  Long ago.  Club Lingerie, Hollywood.  They never smiled.

Anything you want / need by them?  Some promo-only 7” singles.  Audiophile editions of their albums – where’s my multi-channel SA-CD of “Force”?

You really should own / hear:

  1. I’d Like To See You Again (1983)
  2. Force (1986)
  3. Good Together (1989)

And there’s a ton of good 12” singles – some of which aren’t even on CD as yet, notably “Brazilia”!  The cassette-only (at the time) release of “The Graveyard & The Ballroom” was what got me started on ACR.  I distinctly remember driving around Los Angeles with my cassette of “I’d Like To See You Again” on my car stereo, circa the mid-80’s.  I would leave work early, drive to Beverly Hills (from Studio City) and buy an international money order to mail off to a European / Antipodean supplier – with ACR as my soundtrack (likely the flip side of this cassette was Wally Badarou “Echoes”, readers!).

So nice that their good albums get re-issued with bonus tracks on CD!  No, I haven’t found all of the Japanese kami sleeve editions yet.  The female vocalist of Swing Out sister is on “Force”, too.  Did you see “24 Hour Party People”?  I laughed out loud in the theatre, when I saw it.

Drat! And I missed their L.A. show when they came to play recently for the “Part Time Punks” series @ The Echo – I don’t now remember why – but I did.  Their newest album “Mind Made Up “ (2009 / 2010) is very good, too.  The single from it, “Starlight” – is from 2002.  Apparently they do not work so quickly these days.

It’s really rather amazing that they’re still active in 2011 – an awful long way from the fall of 1979.  And, no – I did not know (at the time) that they took their name from a Brian Eno song.  If I would’ve known that, I might never have investigated them.  But “The Graveyard & The Ballroom” cassette snuck it’s way into my traveling Walkman, and another fan was created.

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1 Response to A Certain Ratio

  1. cityfunfan says:

    I did the world’s worst interview with them back in 84. I remember thinking ‘I must remember to think of some questions next time’.

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