Black Sabbath – “Paranoid” Deluxe Edition


Black Sabbath – “Paranoid” UK Deluxe Edition

I found a not-so-expensive 2CD + DVD U.K. version of “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath recently.  This is an album that I have already purchased a few times, I must say!  The bonus CD is out-takes / instrumental versions of every track on the album – amazing!  The DVD features a “Quad Mix” of the album from 1974, which is why I bought this title yet again.

1.  US Warner LP $3
2.  UK Vertigo LP $5
3.  JPN first 80’s re-issue LP $12
4.  US Warner 80’s CD $12
5.  JPN little album cover, early 2000’s CD $18
6.  JPN SHM-SA-CD little album cover CD (will not play on a CD player, must have an SA-CD player for this one) $59
7.  EU 2CD + DVD Sanctuary UK “Deluxe Edition” $26

#6 has easily the best sound, but #7 has absolutely amazing bonus tracks, for any fan of old Black Sabbath!  Very astonished that the sound quality on the under-dubs / instrumental versions sound so good!

Looks like all three of the first three Black Sabbath albums have received multiple disc “Deluxe Editions” in the UK – but “Paranoid” is the sole one with any 5.1 activity.

I liked the first three Black Sabbath albums when they were new releases, and they are the three that I would tell you to listen to – should you require an introduction to one of the most famous hard rock / heavy metal bands.

The SHM-SA-CD was re-mastered with DSD ( = Direct Stream Digital ) in Tokyo and does have “master tape sound” – a little bit of hiss, but every since nuance of the original master tape.  A hefty price tag, and no bonus tracks!

The UK Deluxe Edition does seem a bit “overkill”, but costs less than the Japanese SHM-SA-CD – and it will play in an ordinary CD / DVD player.  The booklet is also very nice, with lots of Black Sabbath memorabilia pictured.

When Warner Brothers in the US originally issued this on LP in the 70’s, it was later re-issued at a higher list price and given a new serial number.  I never got a copy of the US re-issue, what with having found a UK LP on Vertigo Records!  It, too, got re-issued eventually, likely losing the gatefold etc.  Somehow, it ended up first on the NEMS label, and much later on – the UK re-issue specialist Sanctuary Records.  This one’s definitely been handed over to new owners a few times!

And it’s one of the good ones!

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  1. Bob Gaulke says:

    Black Sabbath to Scritti Pollitti- The “A-Z” of UK pop!

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