Lene Lovich


Lene Lovich

Are they still together? Haven’t seen any new releases in quite a while.

Did you ever see them play live?  Yes, in Paris, France ’79.

Anything you want / need by them?  Japanese paper sleeve CD for “Stateless”

You really should own / hear:

  1. Stateless (1978)
  2. “The Best Of”

Believe it or not, I actually have a nice cassette of Cameron & I seeing Lene Lovich play live in Paris, France in the fall of ’79 – the flip of the cassette is the rest of our evening – walking around St. Michel, being confronted with fire-eaters, nice looking women, and way too much drink (Pelforth Brune) for our 21-year-old noggins!

For some reason, “What Will I Do Without You” (1980) stalled, but eventually “New Toy” certainly became her best-known record in Los Angeles by 1981 – KROQ played the dickens out of it! – and it gets tacked onto her 2nd album “Flex” (1979) on Rhino.  Her 1980 10” US promo “1980 Global Assault” is fairly amusing, but a bit difficult to locate, as is her “Radio Promo” LP from Stiff UK in 1979 (LENE 1) – an interview album.

When the dust settles, “Stateless” is a classic work, and both the CD by Rhino and the German Line issue serve it well in the digital world.  I know there’s supposed to be a DVD out of her 1980 live show, but I’ve never seen a copy for sale – it’s just a line in a catalogue!

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2 Responses to Lene Lovich

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    Very timely post as I’ve just been in a Lene Lovich phase. Here’s the modest collection:

    1980 Global Assault – Recorded Live In London And Boston (Epic – AS 769) • 10″ • 1980
    Bird Song (Stiff Records – 12 BUY 53) • 12″ • 1979
    It’s You, Only You (Mein Schmerz) / Blue Hotel (Epic, Stiff Records – 49H 07550) • 12″ • 1988
    New Toy (Stiff Records – BUY IT 97) • 12″ • 1981
    New Toy (Stiff Records – STIFF IT 97) • 12″ • 1981
    Say When (Stiff Records – 12-BUY 46) • 12″ • 1979
    Wonderland (Pathfinder Records – PTF 8909-0) • 12″ • 1989
    Nina Hagen / Lene Lovich – Don’t Kill The Animals (Arista – RIST 2) • 12″ • 1986
    New Toy (Epic – 5E 37452) • 12″, MiniAlbum • 1981
    Various – Tame Yourself (Housebroken Dance Mixes) (R.N.A. Rhino New Artists – PRO1 90082) • 12″, Promo, Ltd • 1991
    What Will I Do Without You (Stiff Records – BUY 69) • 2×7″ • 1979
    Angels (Stiff Records – BUY 63) • 7″ • 1980
    What Will I Do Without You (Stiff Records, GER – 6.12690, BUY 69) • 7″, EP • 1980
    Bird Song (Stiff Records – BUY 53) • 7″ • 1979
    March (Pathfinder Records – PTF 8909-2) • CD, Album • 1989
    Flex…Plus (Rhino Records (2) – R2 70521) • CD, Album, RE • 1991
    The Stiff Years Volume 1 (Great Expectations – PIPCD 007) • CD, Comp • 1994
    The Stiff Years Volume 2 (Great Expectations, Great Expectations – PIPCD 008, PIP CD 008) • CD, Comp • 1994
    No Man’s Land (Stiff Records – D SEEZ 44) • LP, clear vinyl • 1983

    I first heard Lene via videos for “Lucky Number” and “Say When” and was an instant fan, but “Bird Song” remains my absolute fave rave, so “Flex” is the album I most often turn to, though I like all of her albums. I got the UK Great Expectations CDs “The Stiff Years” when they came out and was pleased to see so many great B-sides added to the program, but it’s one of those “cram it all in” sets that run albums across discs [see: Police – Message In A Box, Citizen Steely Dan] and when I chanced across the Rhino “Flex…Plus” last month, I snatched it up greedily! I need the Rhino of her first album. The only issue of “No Man’s Land” on CD is in the Benelux 3xCD set of “The Stiff Years,” which has similar content to the UK 2xCD on Great Expectations, but the three Stiff albums are on discrete discs and there’s a few more bonus tracks. Nice.

    I’ve been diving into the Lene archives and it seems like there are multiple issues of “Stateless.” I only ever had the US version with the cover shown above, but I should have the 1st vinyl UK issue. It seems like it was remixed, with the remixed version being made for America but sold in the UK as well. I used to have the US LP and 1st US CD of this, and I noticed that the credits noted a remix by Roger Bechirian. Since I stupidly rid my collection of the Epic LP/CD of “Stateless,” I’m uncertain as to what the contents on the “Stiff Years” disc really are. The liner notes are practically nonexistent on that one! Do I have the remix or the original mix? I want it all! And I should try for a better Lene collection. I still need her 2006 album and plan on buying it this month from producer Mike Thorne’s website [http://www.stereosociety.com/].

  2. David Z. says:

    I did see her/them at The Palace in Hollywood and enjoyed it greatly. Can’t remember the year. I have a 2×7″ live set (British? I’ll have to check) with a wonderful version of “Too Tender (To Touch).
    Yes, where are they now?

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