Progressive Rock magazine


Progressive Rock magazine

I recently found a Japanese magazine that just said “Progressive Rock” on the cover, with a photo of Keith Emerson on it.  It’s published by Shinko Music, a company that I am familiar with.  Looks to be from 2006.

All the usual suspects are pictured, right on the cover – Pink Floyd, King Crimson, EL&P, Mike Oldfield, Yes and Genesis.  Once we get into the covers of the magazine, there is a big spread on the group UK, with emphasis on Eddie Jobson and Allan Holdsworth.  They even reproduce some ephemera (concert programs, ticket stubs etc.)

There seems to be an article comparing Pink Floyd “Atom Heart Mother” to the debut Tai Phong album – those two records are pictured together on a page that’s mainly text.  There also looks to be an article where they ask the guy from Logic system what he likes – the answer being The Alan Parsons Project.  Then there’s tons of Emerson, Lake & Palmer stuff.

Of course, they also are promoting three other books (that they publish) on Progressive rock:

1)     Mainstream – The Golden Era

2)     Outstanding Edition

3)     Euro Progressive Rock

I am always fascinated by volumes of this nature, as (even without my being able to read everything), I can see that there are leaps of faith being made – by what they picture that they are writing about.  Later in the book, I am starting to see British jazz LP’s pictured – so the volume I have here is mostly English-centric, apparently.  I do see some German stuff, however.

I just love looking through Japanese books on music.  I always see stuff I’ve never seen before!  Ever seen this?  I think it’s the Japanese original LP cover for the first Soft Machine LP!


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