The Human League


The Human League

Are they still together? Perhaps.

Did you ever see them play live? I don’t think so.

Anything you want / need by them? Not really.  Uh, their SA-CD’s.

You really should own / hear:

  1. Reproduction (1979)
  2. Travelogue (1980)
  3. Dare (1981)

I’m pretty sure I heard their Fast label 45 before they ever signed to Virgin.  I don’t remember being particularly impressed with the ‘sound’, unfortunately.  But by the time of their debut, their Virgin Records debut LP certainly had really nice sound!

7″                 BEING BOILED / CIRCUS OF DEATH (PS)     FAST UK             FAST 4

1978 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

LP                DARE                                                                      A&M US               SP-4892

1981 10 TRKS

12″               DON’T YOU WANT ME?                                      VIRGIN UK         VS 466-12

1981 3 TRKS with pic sleeve

7″                 FASCINATION (PS)                                              A&M US               AM-2547

1983 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

12″               HARD TIMES / LOVE ACTION                            A&M US               SP-12049

1981 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo

CD                REPRODUCTION                                                VIRGIN UK         CDV 2133

1979/80 17 TRKS (7 x bonus tracks)

LP                REPRODUCTION                                                VIRGIN UK         V 2133

1979 10 TRKS 1st; UK original issue

7″                 ROCK ‘N’ ROLL (“Holiday 80” EP) (PS)           VIRGIN UK         SV 105

1980 3 TRKS with pic sleeve

LP                TRAVELOGUE                                                      VIRGIN CAN       VL 2202

1980 10 TRKS 2nd; alt. vers.

LP                TRAVELOGUE                                                      VIRGIN DE         202.332

1980 10 TRKS 2nd

CD                TRAVELOGUE re                                                  CAROLINE US  CAR 80115

1980 17 TRKS (7 x bonus tracks) (’03 issue)

Yet another band that I never had any idea at all would become as popular as they did!  But all that only ever got as far as “Dare”.

I wouldn’t mind finding reasonably priced copies of their 2 x SA-CD titles (“Dare” and a ‘best of’).

Never had the opportunity to see them play live.  When they were obscure, it wouldn’t have made sense to come and play L.A. and after they got super-popular – I didn’t care any more.

Phil’s oddball haircut is truly an 80’s icon.

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4 Responses to The Human League

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    Well, they’re still together. They’ve just released their first album in a decade. They mostly play live since nostalgia is where the money is now. After “Dare” they only released two albums worth anything. “Octopus” in 1995 is their first strong album after “Dare.” They followed that with “Secrets” in 2001 and that had an interesting song/instrumental structure and was also pretty good stuff. I thought “Hysteria” was incredibly weak. “Crash” was an abomination, and “Romantic?” was just awful, in spite of a strong single in “Heart Like A Wheel,” which was written by The Rezillos! I haven’t heard their new one, “Credo.” The leadoff track “Night People” was really good but the follow-up had too much auto-tune. Yuck. So my initial impulse to hear it was moderated pretty quickly. I’m with you on the 1st version of “Being Boiled.” It’s in mono and pretty puny next to the frankly awe-inspiring version on “Travelogue!” But “Reproduction” is a great, daft album and “Travelogue” is by far my favorite of their albums. It’s astonishing naive, left-field synth pop. “Dare” was great but is just not as exciting as the first two.

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    Yeah, the first two Virgin albums are “it”!

  3. postpunkmonk says:

    Boy Howdy! When it rains it pours. One of my favorite blogs has just posted today about “Being Boiled.”

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