Record Collector Cheapness


Record Collector Cheapness

Los Angeles residents will have no trouble recognizing the posted photo today – it’s a Zody’s price tag!  And, yes, it came off of a phonograph record!  Zody’s was like a discount store (a la Gemco, Treasury, Cal Store, White Front etc) – and they all seemed to have a record department.  They might not’ve had as much stuff as, say, Wallach’s – but at least what they did have was cheap.

One of the ways that I really got going with record collecting when I was a youngster was to buy inexpensive records – the tag pictured will doubtlessly send shivers up some spines.  How many $1.57 records did you buy?  I bought lots – and I recently found this magnificent specimen on the shrinkwrap of a mono copy of the debut album by The Lovin’ Spoonful (“Do You Believe In Magic?”).

Ah, evidence of record collector cheapness!

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3 Responses to Record Collector Cheapness

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    Hrm. While I certainly remember shopping at Gemco, Zody’s doesn’t ring a bell. I was most cognizant of LA life when we moved back there for two years ca. ’70-’72 and Zody’s is not even on my radar. I always used to linger in the Gemco record department but I never bought any records there. Apart from the first record I ever bought in a nameless Valley record store, I never bought any records in LA. Too young, generally speaking. Grades 2-3, though I certainly had aspirations! Records were bought for me.

    When I was in 4th grade and older in Orlando, FL is where I started buying records more in earnest. Millers, JM Fields, K-Mart, Zayre’s, and Eckerd Drugs all figured in my early buying. Not to mention the first bastion of record shopping cheapness, garage sales! My mom was heavy into garage sale culture and when off from elementary school in the summer, I’d have to go along with her on Friday’s with her friends on their rounds, which I enjoyed, actually. Many’s the time I would buy 45s and even the occasional LP. Until I found out about used record stores [5-6 years later] this was the only way I knew to get records cheaply. [Apart from cutouts]

  2. Brian Ware says:

    Yowsa! JM Fields was certainly ground zero for record purchasing for me. Seems like I remember a little store called WT Grants as well. Then we got a mall so JC Penneys, Singer Sewing Machines and Woolworths joined in the mix along with hi-fi store Bill Baer’s with their listening booths. I definitely remember cutout bins at Woolworths. I don’t recall any mall store dedicated to just records and tapes like Camelot or Goodys until a bit later (early 70s?).

  3. Francisco says:

    I never left zodys without an lp or 45 to this day i still have them. One of my lps still has the plastic wrap an pice tag. I would get spanish & english records

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