Are they still together? I don’t know.

Did you ever see them play live?  No.

Anything you want / need by them?  I don’t think so.

You really should own / hear:

  1. Missing Chairs (1978)
  2. 154 (1979)
  3. “Singles Collection” (Best Of)

Really, for me, this band was always about their singles.  “A Question Of Degree” or “Our Swimmer” are two of my favorite 45’s ever to come out of England!  I’m lucky enough to have found all of their EMI UK 7” singles.

I am not terribly interested in the post-1980 Wire.  I’ve owned a few of their latter day records (as well as some Colin Newman solo albums) and – not my cup of tea.  I have kept some Gilbert / Lewis titles, however.

But if you weren’t up to speed with your Wire fandom in 1978/9, you were really left out in the cold.  If you hadn’t heard “154” – I remember hearing one guy really disrespect someone else over this.  There was definitely some snobbishness associated with Wire.  Too cool for the room.  But “Outdoor Miner” is such a good 45!  Why aren’t any of their albums as good as “A Question Of Degree”?

Many, many moons later, I came back to the Wire camp.  I got an LP of “PF456Redux”, and it seemed like they picked right up where “Document and Eyewitness” had left them – in 1980!  My mental notes told me to try any other newer stuff I could find – “Read and Burn 01” was what I found.  Wow, there are Wire videos?  I never knew…

So, they weren’t as important to me as, say, Magazine or XTC.  I really do like “A Question Of Degree” a lot.  Have you heard that one?  You really should hear it.  They were definitely capable of making ‘pop music’.

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