Time Machine 1971


Time Machine

Phonolog Reports – New Releases

Week of August 23, 1971

Caught my eye:

BLACK SABBATH – Master Of Reality (Warner 2562) (LP / CD)

MORT GARSON – Black Mass Lucifer (Uni 73111) (LP)

DAVE & ANSIL COLLINS – Double Barrell (Big Tree 2005)

TEN YEARS AFTER – Space In Time (Columbia KC-30801) (CD)

I was big-time into Black Sabbath – I had already bought the Vertigo label copy of this LP by the time this came out in the US.  I had loved Mort Garson’s “Cosmic Sounds Of The Zodiac”, so “Black Mass Lucifer” was a must for me.  Nobody knew it was called reggae, but “Double Barrell” certainly rocks that way.  TYA had been a big deal ever since “Woodstock”, and this album has the extra groovy single “I’d Love To Change The World”.

Also of interest:

BILL COSBY – Talks To Kids About Drugs (Uni 73101)

BERT KAEMPFERT – Now (Decca DL 75305)

ERNEST TUBB – One Sweet Hello (Decca DL 75301)

WARM DUST – Peace For Our Time (Uni 73109)

Bill gets serious.  EZ Bert!  Ernest Tubb cranks ‘em out for Decca.  Warm Dust, 99 cent bin.

Notable singles:

JAMES BROWN – Make It Funky (Polydor 14088)

FANNY – Charity Ball b/w Place In The Country (Reprise 1033)

HARRY NILSSON – Without Her b/w Good Old Desk (RCA 74-0524)

NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND – Mr. Bojangles (U.A. 1701)

THE QUINAMES BAND – Look To Yourself (Elektra 45736)

SUGARLOAF – Green-Eyed Lady b/w Tongue In Cheek (U.A. 1700)

THE SWEET – Co-Co (Bell 45126) Funny How Sweet Coco Can Be

IKE & TINA TURNER – Proud Mary b/w Workin’ Together (U.A. 1704)

The debut US Sweet single?  Nice AM radio hit for Sugarloaf / Jerry Corbetta.  I knew this Quinames Band song from a sampler LP that I obtained the previous May.  Nice R&B from Ike & Tina.

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3 Responses to Time Machine 1971

  1. Brian Ware says:

    Oh yeah… “Green Eyed Lady”. What a great little song. I loved the full length album cut. Nice to have that one plucked out of the dusty mental attic. I’ll probably be humming that one all day today.

  2. postpunkmonk says:

    Ah yes, Sugarloaf. A Two-Hit-Wonder®! “Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You” being their other one three year later. I never heard the Ike + Tina Turner single on the radio, but by gar, I saw them perform it on countless variety shows! A definitive cover so very quickly after the original dropped.

  3. ronkanefiles says:

    I think I only ever heard the 45 version of “Green-eyed Lady”, unless I was flipping around on the FM dial! Unless I am mistaken, “Proud Mary” 45 is from their masterful “What You See if What You Get” 2LP live set, for Ike & Tina.

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